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Bid Service Benefits | BidNet Bid Service Benefits | BidNet

Save time and effort finding new government business opportunities - RFP / RFI / RFQ

Be the first to contact agency decision makers, and put a team together as early as possible

Keep an eye on your competitors and access subcontracting opportunities


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Our Service Options | BidNet Our Service Options | BidNet

Customize our bid service to fit your needs based on:

  • Your industry and products / services
  • Region of business and
  • The type of government opportunities you are interested in

In addition, a personal Government Consultant will help you consistently receive relevant government RFPs and bids


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Solutions for Government Agencies | BidNet Solutions for Government Agencies | BidNet

BidNet's IPT unit provides e-procurement, vendor management, and surplus auctions to state and local governments or purchasing groups that seek to automate and improve their bid, RFP and procurement processes

Since 1999, IPT has developed 21 custom e-procurement systems, serving more than 4,500 buyers and 58,000 active vendor accounts


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BidNet is part of Government Contracts USA, offering a range of services in government contracts, government RFPs, government bids and government procurement systems.