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BidNet provides a look into the past so that you can learn about upcoming bid opportunities at the state, county, city, and township level, ensuring that you know about pending government RFPs before they become open bids. We automatically send you an alert when a known term contract at a government agency is set to expire, allowing you to review pending requests for proposals and prepare your bidding strategy accordingly.


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Our experts gather upcoming opportunities from a variety of sources, including agency budget reviews, giving BidNet members a strategic advantage when targeting impending government bids. BidNet makes it easy for you to identify the government RFPs and RFQs that you want to bid on. We also track bidders and winning bids to provide our clients with valuable competitive insights.

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Win More Government Contracts

In addition, BidNet provides you with customized notifications, delivering open government bids directly to you every day by email. BidNet allows you to quickly review and bid on federal, state, county, city and township government opportunities, and eliminate the need to conduct manual searches.

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Key Advantages

  • Find Upcoming Bids. BidNet provides advance notice about government term contracts that are set to expire, opening up a world of new opportunities.
  • Custom
    Customize your Notifications to ensure that you are notified only about the types of bids that match your business needs.
  • Business Intelligence. BidNet provides you with information on hundreds of thousands of closed government bids going back over 10 years, and provides our members with valuable information about agency bid histories and contact details.
  • Budget and Capital Improvement Intelligence. BidNet combs through planning meeting minutes, as well as capital improvement and agency budgets to provide our clients with the most comprehensive future-contract information available.
  • Trusted by Businesses. BidNet has over 30 years experience providing a powerful and reliable bid service to thousands of satisfied clients.

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“Since 1998 we’ve used BidNet to alert us of upcoming or published opportunities at the state level that we are interested in. We like that we get the Bid Alert® Bulletins daily, which provide a link to each solicitation. It’s great that the solicitations are included in the notices so we don't have to scramble to find them on each state’s site. BidNet also provides amendments and keeps us up to date.”
- Lucia Davidson, Project Information Coordinator, The Lewin Group