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Offering a variety of options to customize your service, BidNet’s solution is designed to simplify and streamline the government contracting process.


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Get access to local, state and federal bid opportunities matched to your business


Choose the types of bids you want to target.

Receive open State and Local; or Federal, State and Local contract opportunities and further refine your matches by keyword filter. BidNet members benefit from in-depth research into open contracts at school districts, public utilities, police and fire departments, water districts and transportation districts, and many other sectors.

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Get bid opportunities that are tailored to you.

Choose an unlimited number of product and service codes from our more than 9,000 categories, and receive open bids that match the industry codes you have selected.

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Target one geographic area, or many.

BidNet allows you to determine the geographic area or areas where you would like to bid on opportunities. Simply choose the regions that interest you, and then view the open bids that are currently available.

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Opportunity Management Tools

  • We work for you. Track, save searches and manage your bid opportunities all from one location with our easy-to-use platform.
  • Access Historical Bids. Browse through hundreds of thousands of closed bids, and benefit from the valuable insights that can be found there including bid details, award information and agency buying plans.
  • Account History Reports. Generate and view a detailed report containing your bidding history and experience by month, category, or by state.
  • Additional
    BidNet allows you to add other users to your main account profile in order to easily share business intelligence, opportunity notices and activity reports across your organization.

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“We use BidNet to manage all State and Local government bids that we are working closely with. It’s the not volume that interests us, but the targeted bids for local education and state agencies. We use the entire suite of BidNet’s online tools to track our daily work. It keeps us organized. BidNet’s site is easy to use and provides complete coverage of all the information we need for the bids we’re working on.”
- Manish Shah, Owner, CNI Office Supplies