Targeted Opportunities
with BidNet

BidNet provides you with targeted government bid opportunities that precisely match your business needs, no matter what product or service your business specializes in. Whether you are seeking open bids and RFPs at the city, county, state or federal level, BidNet’s comprehensive bid service scours opportunities from thousands of sources, helping you target the specific government contracts that you are looking for.


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New Targeted Bids, Delivered Every Day

Our coding system is driven by over 9,000 specific product and service codes, making it easy for members to target the industry sectors, types of agencies and geographic areas where they would like to seek government RFPs and RFQs. In addition, BidNet’s trademarked Bid Alerts® conveniently summarize bid information, significantly saving our clients’ time. And our customized Bid Alert® Bulletins automatically deliver open government bids from targeted sectors to your email inbox every day.

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We Help You Win More Projects

Instead of spending valuable man-hours looking for state and local government RFPs that match your business needs, BidNet allows you to focus on reviewing and bidding on open government contracts. BidNet members benefit from our extensive bid research, as well as our 30+ years of experience in the government bid market.

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Key Advantages

  • Targeted
    BidNet sends you open bid opportunities matching your business needs every day with Bid Alert® Bulletins, eliminating the need for you to seek out government bids on your own.
  • Easy-to-Use
    Our client interface is user-friendly and allows you to refine your search for bid opportunities by specific keyword.
  • Unique Coding System. BidNet uses a system of over 9000 product and service codes to ensure our clients see only the bids that pertain to them.
  • Industry
    BidNet has been active in the industry for over 30 years, and has helped thousands of customers increase their government bid opportunities.

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“The service is great! I love the fact that the notifications are true to what I’m seeking and it takes little time for me to scan through the information and know exactly what to go after. In my yearly presentation to my supervisors I summarize the subscription services I utilize and I let them know that BidNet always pays for itself within the first month of the year based on the win of a contract. Thank you for all you do for us!“
- Janet Timm, Sales Coordinator, Midwest Tape