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For over 30 years, BidNet has been a trusted service provider for businesses seeking to bid on government contracts at the state, county, city and township level. Our comprehensive bid service puts bid opportunities from across the United States directly in our members’ hands, allowing them to easily target open government contracts, consult closed bids, and respond quickly to government RFPs and RFQs.


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BidNet gathers thousands of opportunities from state and local government agencies each day and delivers them to members via our powerful bid service platform. The time and resource savings that BidNet provides ensures that you spend more time bidding on government contracts, and less time searching for bid opportunities.

Get Targeted Open Contracts

BidNet automatically notifies you when open bids that match your business needs are published, allowing you to respond quickly to city, county, state and federal RFPs without the need to conduct a manual search. Our coding system makes it easy to select which types of contract opportunities you are interested in, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you will be notified whenever a bid opportunity matching your criteria is found. And our team summarizes the most important information in each bid reducing the amount of time you spend evaluating each opportunity.

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Key Advantages

  • Easy Search,
    Quick Bid.
    BidNet’s powerful bid-search feature makes it easy for you to search hundreds of thousands of open and closed government RFPs, and submit bids quickly.
  • Open Bids. Our experienced research team summarizes the most important information from each bid so you can decide quickly which opportunities you wish to pursue.
  • Automated
    Bid Alerts.
    Our customized daily notification emails match open bid opportunities to your business needs, delivering fresh opportunities directly to you by email.
  • New
    BidNet’s team of experts seeks out open government bids from thousands of sources to discover hard-to-find opportunities.
  • Trusted by
    BidNet has over 30 years of experience providing a reliable and efficient bid service to thousands of satisfied clients.

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“BidNet has definitely enhanced our business over the years. We’ve used BidNet’s Federal, State and Local service for the last 9 years because the ability to get bid information in a timely manner is critical. I monitor my Bid Alerts® daily, as soon as I walk in the door each morning, and also benefit from their e-procurement systems. While there are other services out there, we trust the reliability of BidNet. The team at BidNet is there if we need them and the service continues to keep us in the game!”
- Cliff Cameron, VP Sales, Keizer Morris, Intl