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RODATA: Using Bidnet to Find Government Bids in a Changing Market

RODATA: Using Bidnet to Find Government Bids in a Changing Market

As part of the information technology industry, RoData needed to find a solution that would give them an edge as a small company in a competitive, crowded market.

RoData builds digital conference rooms, classrooms and training facilities for corporations, government, medical and educational institutions, while integrating technologies such as videoconferencing, telepresence, streaming, projection and advanced audio solutions. When the company was looking for a way to consolidate an overwhelmingly large amount of opportunities so that they could be found in one place, they found the perfect solution in BidNet.

Previously RoData had an employee who would manually search for opportunities and research them in house. This task was time consuming and inefficient, and would take valuable resources away from RoData's core business. With BidNet, they were able to redirect their focus on what they do best and let BidNet supply them with needed government opportunities and information.

Trudy Van Kirk, Director of Business Development says,"the notifications and consolidation is fantastic!" She finds BidNet's trademarked Bid Alerts to be especially helpful and time saving, "you can spend 30 seconds to five minutes to decide whether to follow up or not.

About 40% of RoData's business is done within the public sector but over the past few years the government has been putting out fewer bids in the audio-video industry making an already competitive industry more competitive. BidNet has continued to help RoData stay ahead of the competition by making it much more cost effective for their business to find increasingly scarce bids and information.