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How to Find Police Equipment Bids in New Jersey

How to Find Police Equipment Bids in New Jersey

For Police Departments in the State of New Jersey, it is vital that their officers are equipped with the proper resources to allow them to effectively perform their duties. To purchase the police equipment they need, various state and local government offices publish bidding opportunities for vendors to compete for.

These posted bids cover a wide variety of service and equipment needs, including office supplies, uniforms, firearms, K-9 services and vehicle fleets, all of which are bids commonly issued by Police Departments. As well, new types of equipment - like aerial drones and body cameras - are regularly evaluated for use by local, state and federal police departments. As these rapidly evolving technologies are put into use across more and more departments, greater bidding opportunities are being created for vendors.

Body Cameras to Cellphone Cameras

One of the most common new technologies being adopted by police forces are body-worn cameras. In New Jersey, some city police forces will be testing the use of cellphone cameras as an alternative to the often cost-prohibitive body-worn camera systems. Cellphones can be easily secured to an officer’s uniform like a traditional body camera, and can operate in a camera-only mode, streaming video footage of the officer’s encounters directly to a secure police server where it will be backed up and saved.

In the fall of 2017, cellphone cameras will be issued to 932 police officers in Jersey City. This initial roll-out will be a test to determine if New Jersey will adopt and implement the new technology across the state. If deemed successful, this cost-efficient body camera solution could possibly be expanded to additional public-facing government employees, which would generate many future bidding opportunities for vendors.

(Source: Jersey City police testing cellphone cameras as affordable alternative to body cams. CBS News. 2017)

Finding the Right Bids

Police equipment bids can be challenging to locate and track, due to the number of different state and local government offices that post them and the manner in which they are posted.  For example, in New Jersey, many police equipment bids can be found on a variety of different government websites including:

Government websites can be useful for finding bid opportunities, but they are not always easily navigable and often require users to manually search through each posted bid to find one that applies to their specific service or industry.  Additionally, not all bids are posted to government websites; many agencies still publish their procurement opportunities in newspapers and other print media formats.

Once a police equipment bid that matches their business interests is found by a vendor, the vendor should carefully review all the specified requirements of the bid. If a vendor’s submission for a bid is accepted by the posting government agency, the vendor will be under contract to deliver the required goods and services at their submitted price.

Partnering to Find Bids

One way vendors can streamline the process of finding relevant bids is to partner with a bid intelligence company that can handle the process of searching through hundreds or thousands of bids to locate the ones that match a vendor’s specified interests.  

Police equipment bids in particular can be found in variety of places and be issued by a number of different government agencies; by partnering with a bid intelligence company, vendors can receive daily notification about relevant bids that match their service offer. These bid notifications go directly to the vendor and list the opportunities that are available that day, making it easy for vendors to pursue new bids.

This streamlined bid-finding process helps to relieve the hassle and stress vendors face when hunting for bids and free up more time for vendors to focus on writing proposals, submitting to government agencies and winning lucrative contracts.

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Keep up to date with the evolving world of government bidding with tips, best practices, trends, research and observations. Let BidNet’s knowledge and experience work for you.

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