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How to Find Construction Contracts in Florida

How to Find Construction Contracts in Florida

Across the Sunshine State, the need for conventional and specialized construction services continues to grow as new projects and aging infrastructure require the attention and expertise of qualified construction vendors. Design engineers, civil engineers, architects, and project management specialists are needed to handle the planning and implementation of major building and infrastructure projects, while roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, interior design and finishing specialists must provide their services once the major structures of a project are completed.

Virtually all major government agencies and departments need third-party construction services from time to time, and some require construction services on an ongoing basis. To bid on construction opportunities with the State of Florida, vendors can first register with MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP), Florida’s central online procurement hub for vendors and government buyers.

How Vendors Use MyFloridaMarketPlace

MyFloridaMarketPlace provides vendors and buyers with many benefits and advantages to simplify the procurement process, including an easy-to-use registration system, online tools for faster processing of documents, improved access to government buyers and more. By registering with MFMP, vendors ensure that their information is easily available to buying agencies, making it easier to participate in the bidding process.

For vendors who are new to public sector contracting in Florida, the MFMP website provides many useful resources to help them get started, including training programs, vendor catalogs and detailed information about registration requirements. Vendors can visit the MFMP Vendors section here.

Finding Local, County and Special District Construction Bids in Florida

In addition to state initiatives, local communities, counties, and special districts in Florida post their own construction procurement opportunities. In many cases, open government contracts administered by these bodies are published to online regional procurement portals, however it can be very time consuming and resource-intensive to attempt to identify relevant bids among the thousands of opportunities posted across the state. Below are links to bid portals to several Florida counties:

Miami-Dade County
Pinellas County
Orange County
Collier County
Wakulla County

Bid opportunities are also available with other Florida state and municipal government agencies, for example the Florida Department of Education and the City of Tampa Housing Authority. Vendors can also gain exclusive access to local government contract opportunities in Florida by registering with the Florida Purchasing Group.

Using a Bid Service

Vendors interested in public-sector bidding should consider working with a reputable and experienced bid services company. These companies handle the ‘heavy lifting’ of researching and qualifying thousands of government contract opportunities in a given sector or region and provide members with a streamlined list of contract opportunities that meet their criteria.

Bid services can also be a valuable partner in providing access to valuable information about specific contracts and the bidding process in general. For example, some bid services provide members with access to bid libraries of closed and awarded bids which often contain agency contact information, bid award amounts, and details about contract cycles – all of which can help a vendor be more prepared when it comes time to submit a bid.

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Keep up to date with the evolving world of government bidding with tips, best practices, trends, research and observations. Let BidNet’s knowledge and experience work for you.

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