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Government Consulting Opportunities in the State of New York

Government Consulting Opportunities in the State of New York

When new public projects are put into motion, government agencies often require the input of industry-specific consultants to ensure the proper development, implementation and completion of each project. Bids for consulting services are issued by agencies at every level of government and cover a multitude of specialties, including urban planning, construction, environmental testing, healthcare, IT implementation and security, to name a few.

Participating in the public-sector bidding process can sometimes seem daunting to people just starting out; however these types of consulting opportunities can be very lucrative and are well worth exploring.

Searching for Consulting Bids

One of the biggest hurdles in winning a government consulting bid is finding the opportunity itself. Numerous agencies post bids across the State of New York, and finding bids that pertain to your area of expertise from among the dozens of bids published every month can be a challenge. 

One of the best places to start looking for bids is the Office of General Services (OGS), the agency that manages New York’s centralized procurement office and also posts bids for several state and local government agencies, school districts and non-profit organizations.  Another large agency to regularly check with for bids is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Port Authority is responsible for all rail, aviation, surface and seaport transportation networks and facilities in the New York/New Jersey Metro area and is another valuable resource for vendors.

Both the OGS and the Port Authority provide detailed information on their websites about how vendors can qualify for minority, women, veteran and small business certification status, which can provide an advantage in the bid process.

Once registered with these agencies, vendors gain access to useful information about past and current bids, including preliminary awards, bids results, contract activities, and current bid postings.  Keep in mind that manually searching through the bids to find suitable opportunities for your business can be a time-consuming process.

Making Sure a Bid is Right for You

Once you’ve found a bid that matches your business interests, you should carefully review each requirement of the bid and verify that you are able to fulfill each one. It is equally important to ensure that the requirements can be met in a way that will be profitable for your business, because once you submit your proposal; the price you’ve quoted is binding. If your submission wins the bid, you must provide the goods and services described in the contract at your submitted price. 

So Many Bids, But in So Many Places

The OGS and the Port Authority are valuable resources for any vendor seeking consulting opportunities in New York State, but they are far from the only agencies posting bids. Keep in mind that it is never guaranteed that either of these agencies will have consulting opportunities posted at any given time, so finding the right opportunities often requires vendors to search through numerous solicitations posted by a wide variety of state and local government offices, such as:

The process of visiting many government agency websites to manually search, sort and review bids can be the most off-putting part of the bid process, but many vendors have found ways to alleviate this burden by partnering with a bid research company.

Making the Most of Your Valuable Time

Bid research companies have the staff and resources in place to search through the thousands of bids posted each day from across the country on sources that include newspapers and websites. Each day, these bid services research, sort and filter opportunities by location and industry, providing their clients with only the bids that are relevant to them. By partnering with a bid intelligence company, the task of finding the right bid is streamlined, allowing vendors to spend their time perfecting their submissions for bids from across the state, or nationwide.  

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Keep up to date with the evolving world of government bidding with tips, best practices, trends, research and observations. Let BidNet’s knowledge and experience work for you.

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