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Finding Government Information Technology (IT) Bids in North Carolina

Finding Government Information Technology (IT) Bids in North Carolina

As computer technology continues to advance, state and local governments are faced with the daunting task of keeping their network infrastructure up-to-date and secure. By conducting ongoing evaluations of their existing systems, agencies develop strategies for the implementation of new and upgraded solutions. To effectively carry out these changes, government agencies in the state of North Carolina must secure reliable information technology (IT) products and services from vendors.

In the tendering world, the term ‘IT solutions’ covers a wide range of goods and services from a several different subsectors, including telecommunications, cyber security, IT architecture and infrastructure, office equipment, software development and audio and video systems. To source the IT products and services they need, government agencies issue bids that private sector businesses then compete for.

How to Start Your Bid Search

Finding IT-related bids in North Carolina can be challenging: North Carolina has hundreds of local and state agencies, each of which independently posts their own bids. Most of these government agencies post their bids online, but some agencies take a more old-fashioned approach and publish their bids in newspapers and other print media, making these bids difficult to find.  With bids being published in so many unique ways the process of manually searching for relevant IT opportunities in North Carolina can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for both experienced and new bidders.

Even with the challenges associated with locating the right bids for your business, participating in public-sector bidding is a worthwhile endeavor for the majority of IT businesses. When it comes to finding bids in North Carolina, there are several government websites that have a history of posting information technology related bids. A few good sites to start your search with include:

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that an IT bid matching your specific interests will always be posted by any particular source; the process of finding the right bid requires searching multiple sources on a regular basis.

Finding the Right Bids, Made Easy

If the process of manually scouring websites and newspapers to find a single bid matching your business interests seems time-consuming and labor-intensive, you’re not alone. The amount of work required to find the right government bids on your own is one of the main reasons many businesses shy away from competing for government projects. But there is an easier way to find the bids that are relevant to your business.

By partnering with a bid intelligence company you gain access to all the government bids that are relevant to your business, from all across North Carolina or the entire United States. Bid intelligence companies monitor and track all the bids posted, online and in print, by local, state and federal agencies. By researching, verifying and compiling the hundreds of bids that are posted each day across the country, companies like BidNet are able to provide vendors with the right bids - quickly, easily and reliably.

Each BidNet member has a personalized profile that allows them to set up customized parameters to define the industries, products, services and regions they want to see bids for. When a bid matching a member’s profile settings is published, that member is automatically alerted by email, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually searching through hundreds of bids.

With more than 30 years of experience navigating complex and specialized opportunities posted by government agencies across the U.S., BidNet is uniquely qualified to provide their members with new, researched and qualified bids every day. To help businesses get started with government bidding, BidNet also offers free personalized consultations to help companies identify the bids they may be missing.

Time to Start Bidding!

The benefits of participating in the government bidding process can be extremely lucrative and are well-worth the effort.  By teaming up with a company such as BidNet, businesses can look beyond the process of searching for bids and turn their focus to preparing proposals and winning more government contracts.

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Keep up to date with the evolving world of government bidding with tips, best practices, trends, research and observations. Let BidNet’s knowledge and experience work for you.

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