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State and local governments provide significant amounts of funding for sports, recreation, arts and leisure facilities and programs, all of which contribute to improved health and quality of life for citizens. State parks, city playgrounds, and public recreation and arts facilities all require equipment, maintenance and structural upgrades that are sourced via requests for proposals published by government agencies. Your business can benefit from these contract opportunities with BidNet’s industry-leading bid service.

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BidNet provides you with daily summaries of open government bids in the recreation sector that are sent to you by email, making it easy to quickly review and bid on the RFPs that interest you. Whether you are a vendor of products or services for library and museum facilities, arts and theater supplies, photographic equipment, playground equipment, swimming pool supplies, sporting and athletic goods or other related services, you can increase your government business opportunities with BidNet.

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BidNet members also have access to detailed information about hundreds of thousands of closed bids, as well as our over 30 years experience in the bid industry. BidNet’s team of bid experts searches thousands of sources, including our exclusive network of public agencies, to provide you with the city, county, state and special district government bids that match your business needs.

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Local Vendor Preference

Sporting, recreation and cultural facilities are vital to the maintenance of healthy communities. Investment in these projects requires not only the support of regional governments, but also from citizens and community groups who will ultimately benefit from the initiatives. As a result, vendors can often benefit from local vendor preference policies when bidding on sport, recreation and park bids in the geographic area where they are located.

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“Great bid service! We have utilized BidNet for several years now. We are amazed at the number of projects related to our industry that it delivers daily. The daily Bid Alert® Bulletin is convenient and, as a manufacturer with nation-wide distribution, the access it provides to several e-procurement sites is extremely valuable. BidNet continues to deliver information related to more projects than services that cost over 10x as much annually! In addition to the great system BidNet is, their customer service is top-notch and greatly appreciated.”
- James Neidig, Inside Sales Manager, Playworld

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