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Across the U.S., state and local government agencies require a wide variety of machinery, equipment and furniture to ensure that public employees are well equipped to do their jobs effectively. These can include agricultural tools and equipment, building equipment and heavy machinery, lawn care equipment, machine tools, office machines, scientific and testing supplies, and much more.

Machinery and Equipment RFPs

City, county, state and district governments must also regularly replace furniture, office machinery, refrigeration equipment and office supplies to ensure that their departments are up-to-date with current standards. A vendor that provides products and services in the machinery, equipment and furniture sectors can increase their government business opportunities by becoming a BidNet member.

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BidNet gathers open bids from thousands of sources and delivers them directly to you with daily summaries of contract opportunities in your sector and geographic area, which make it easy to review and quickly bid on the government bids that match your business needs. These daily email alerts allow you to easily evaluate open bids from municipal, state and special district governments, and choose the RFPs you want to bid on. BidNet also provides you with access to awarded contracts and provides you information before a term contract in your sector is set to expire, ensuring that you have an opportunity to influence the creation of the next proposal.

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Furniture Bids

In 2012, the federal government spent about $1.3 billion on furniture and equipment for departmental offices. This represents only a portion of total annual furniture spending by governments in the U.S; state and local governments also spend significantly on furniture and equipment every year, creating many opportunities for vendors experienced in the industry, whether they are producers or distributors.

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“BidNet has definitely enhanced our business over the years. We’ve used BidNet’s Federal, State and Local service for the last 9 years because the ability to get bid information in a timely manner is critical. I monitor my Bid Alerts® daily, as soon as I walk in the door each morning, and also benefit from their e-procurement systems. While there are other services out there, we trust the reliability of BidNet. The team at BidNet is there if we need them and the service continues to keep us in the game!”
- Cliff Cameron, VP Sales, Keizer Morris, Intl

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