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Businesses that provide products and services for the foodservice and agriculture sectors are regularly contracted by government agencies to render services on an ongoing or term-contract basis. If you are a vendor in one or more of these sectors, you can increase your government bid opportunities by using BidNet to receive and bid on foodservice and agriculture RFPs at the state, city, county and federal level.

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BidNet provides you with a daily summary of targeted government contract opportunities with automated notifications, which bring the latest government RFPs in the foodservice and agricultural sectors to you every day by email. Whether you are seeking foodservice and catering bids, or are a producer or distributor of agriculture equipment, nursery stock and commodities, fertilizers or other related products, BidNet makes it easy for you to quickly review and bid on the requests for proposals that interest you without wasting time searching in newspapers and websites for fresh bid opportunities. You will also benefit from our advanced search tool of closed and awarded solicitations to find what may be coming near the end of a contract term. This feature ensures that you can get out in front of the bid process.

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The United States Department of Agriculture administered a budget of $146 billion in 2014, which funded food-safety research, rural development programs, agriculture initiatives, the Forest Service and many other areas. In addition to state and municipal spending, these federal programs offer a wide array of contract opportunities for businesses. Vendors that offer consulting services in the area of conservation and food safety benefit from BidNet membership as well. Our team of experts gathers bids from thousands of sources, including our exclusive network of public agencies, to find the RFPs and RFQs that you want to bid on, while our system of over 9,000 product and service codes allows you to target the government opportunities that meet your business needs, ensuring that you never miss a bid.

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“We get solicited by other companies all the time offering to track opportunities and to switch, however we only use BidNet because we’re happy with the service. Each day, when I first arrive at work, I look forward to checking my Bid Alert® Bulletins from BidNet. We deal primarily with School and County contracts and BidNet keeps us organized and helps us keep track of what we know we are already a part of. It also allows us to watch for other opportunities that may come available and that we want to pursue. The customer service is great as well, if I have a question I send an email and I get an immediate response. I also appreciate the occasional calls from the Customer Care team to see how it’s going.”
- Charles Winters, Contract Sales Manager, Ginsberg’ Foods

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