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The financial, banking and insurance services industries provide vital support for state and local governments in several ways, from day-to-day banking and insurance needs to high-level financial planning, insurance administration and banking services. Additionally, government accounting and payroll departments often contract with third-party vendors to source specialized help to enhance their core services. Businesses that are seeking bank bids, insurance RFPs and government financial services contracts can find many bid opportunities at the city, county, state and federal level as BidNet members.

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BidNet gathers government requests for proposals from many areas of the finance, banking and insurance industries, including bids in the fields of accounting services, payroll services and other sectors, and sends targeted government bids to you every day with our customized notification emails. Our system of over 9,000 unique product and service codes allows you to target the requests for proposals that you want to bid on by keyword, industry and geographic area, ensuring that you receive only the bids that interest you.

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Advance Notice About New Opportunities

BidNet also provides you with an advanced search tool to find previously closed and awarded solicitations, giving you advance notice before a term contract in your industry is set to expire. This allows you to build a relationship with the purchasing agency before an opportunity is made available. As a result, BidNet ensures that you spend your time bidding on the government RFPs that interest you, instead of spending hours searching for open bids in newspapers and websites.

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Exclusive Public Agency Network

BidNet has over 30 years of experience in the government bid market and gathers bids from thousands of sources, including our exclusive network of city, county and state government agencies. As a BidNet member, you also benefit from our closed bids, which contains information on hundreds of thousands of closed government contracts.

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"Crowe Horwath LLP was looking for a government bid guide to help navigate through the vast number of Request for Proposals that are issued on a daily basis. We found that BidNet, with the ability to set keywords and filters, is a user-friendly and manageable service that meets our specific needs."
- Delia Bruntz, Pipeline Manager, Crowe Horwath LLP

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