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The management of regional natural resources, water supply infrastructure, and waste services are among the top priorities of state and local governments. Your business can benefit from these opportunities by using BidNet to receive open bids that match your business needs in the environmental, water and waste management sectors.

Bid on Water, Waste and Environmental RFPs

Open bids for environmental cleanup contracts, waste management, and the development of water and sewer infrastructure are issued regularly by city, county and state governments, and can encompass many different contract opportunities for vendors. Your business can benefit from BidNet’s more than 30 years of experience in the bid industry and our experience in helping thousands of companies increase their government contract opportunities.

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New Opportunities, Every Day

The federal Environmental Protection Agency spent close to $8 billion in 2013 supporting environmental protection programs throughout the United States, while at the local government level, total spending on water infrastructure and wastewater management reached $111.4 billion in 2010 alone. These programs ensure the fundamental safety of the water supply and also represent many valuable opportunities for vendors. The BidNet team of bid experts scours thousands of sources, including our exclusive network of public agencies, to find the open RFPs that meet your requirements and delivers them directly to you by email every day.

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Upcoming Bids

In addition to providing you with targeted open bids, BidNet also provides you with access to awarded contracts and provides you information before a term contract in your sector is set to expire, ensuring you have an opportunity to influence the creation of the next proposal.

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Natural Resources Studies and Land Reclamation Services

Open bids for land cleanup and testing, natural resource studies and land reclamation are just some of the many types of RFPs issued by state, federal and local governments as part of regional environmental protection strategies. BidNet gathers these targeted bid opportunities according to your criteria, and delivers them to you via email on a daily basis.

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Environmental Services (Disposal, Remediation, Testing)

Landfill bids, recycling contracts, dredging bids, property preservation, solar power bids and asbestos removal RFPs are issued regularly by city, county and state governments, providing vendors with a wealth of opportunities in several environmental sectors. Waste disposal and environmental cleanup contracts are also creating demand for qualified businesses that can manage these complex projects.

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Water and Sewage Treatment Equipment

The purchase and maintenance of water and sewage treatment equipment, water treating chemicals, and waste and refuse equipment are also sourced from public requests for proposals. These RFPs are collected by our team of bid experts and sent to you, making it easy to review solicitations and quickly submit a bid.

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“After a quick and easy subscription signup, we have been very pleased with BidNet’s service. The customer care team has been accommodating to us since the beginning. They have helped us set up our account to ensure we receive the most appropriate opportunities and have changed users for us as needed. The most valuable part of BidNet’s service to our company, has been the ability to separate territories between our sales representatives. This ensures that each representative receives their own designated opportunities based on territory, helping our company avoid overlap when bidding on opportunities.”
- Chelsi Lovos, Sales Administrator- Western Zone, McNeilus

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