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Across the United States, state and local governments invest heavily in education and social service programs to support the well-being of citizens of all ages.

Education RFPs

From school textbooks, publications and other educational supplies to services including counseling, rehabilitation and community development, local government education and social programs provide a wide array of contract opportunities for vendors. Whether you are seeking open bids for education supplies, specialized training programs, school and library equipment, or other government contracts in the education sector, BidNet can provide you with the bid resources and targeted opportunities that will help you grow your government business. Our customized notifications collect the open bids that meet your business needs from thousands of sources and deliver them directly to you every day by email.

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State and Local Opportunities

Education RFPs issued by city, county, state and special district governments are used to source goods and services from vendors as part of annual spending budgets, which tend to grow at a healthy rate even during times of recession. For example, state and local spending on education in the state of California for 2015 is projected to be $122.3 billion, while the federal Department of Education administers a budget of $67.3 billion which is distributed among the states as part of various educational programs. These significant budgets represent a wide array of opportunities for vendors.

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Exclusive Public Agency Bids

BidNet’s team of bid experts gathers education and social service contract opportunities from thousands of sources, including our exclusive network of government agencies, to bring you the bids that you want to bid on. Our system of over 9,000 product and service codes allows you to precisely target the type of RFPs that interest you, and to further target the opportunities you receive by keyword or geographic location. BidNet also provides you with access to closed and awarded solicitations, which contains detailed information about hundreds of thousands of closed bids from public agencies.

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“The service is great! I love the fact that the notifications are true to what I’m seeking and it takes little time for me to scan through the information and know exactly what to go after. In my yearly presentation to my supervisors I summarize the subscription services I utilize and I let them know that BidNet always pays for itself within the first month of the year based on the win of a contract. Thank you for all you do for us!“
- Janet Timm, Sales Coordinator, Midwest Tape

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