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For vendors providing advertising, communications, marketing and public relations or media services, a variety of different opportunities are available at the state and local level as part of program awareness and public education initiatives.

Consulting Opportunities

The consulting and professional services sectors include a wide variety of specializations, such as human resource management, legal services, marketing and advertising, public relations services, and other creative services such as photography and mapping. If you are a vendor seeking to bid on government contracts in one or more of these sectors, you can increase your local government business opportunities with BidNet.

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Daily RFPs

BidNet scours thousands of sources to find the government bids that match your business needs and delivers a summary of the open contracts in your sector to you every day with our customized notifications. Our team of bid experts seeks out consulting RFPs, marketing requests for proposals, advertising RFPs and public relations contracts issued by local government agencies and provides them directly to you, making it easy to review and quickly bid on the contracts that match your business needs.

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Find Upcoming Bids

Legal and actuarial RFPs, billboard contracts and other service requests are regularly published by state and local governments. Businesses that provide these services, as well as more niche professional services - including aerial photography, mapping and the conducting of population surveys - can benefit from BidNet’s search closed and awarded tool to build a relationship with the purchasing agency before an opportunity is made available.

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More Efficiency with Targeted Bids

No matter which field you specialize in, contracts at the local government level can represent multi-year opportunities for vendors. BidNet’s system of over 9,000 product and service codes allows you to target only the RFPs and RFQs that you want to bid on, making sure that you never miss an open bid in your sector. You can also choose your opportunities by geographic location to benefit from any local-vendor preference regulations in your area.

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"Tech Valley Continuity first learned of a local county project through the daily BidNet Bid Alert® Bulletin. We won that contract and earned enough to cover our BidNet subscription for the next 40 years! Thank you BidNet! Without your service we would not have learned about this project."
- Geoff Turner, President, Tech Valley Continuity

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