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Local and state governments in the United States are continually seeking to replenish and improve industrial equipment and related supplies, essential to their day-to-day operations. From electrical, HVAC, plumbing and elevator equipment, to janitorial supplies and maintenance products, including plastics, fuels and solvents, government agencies source a diverse array of products from private vendors. Your business can benefit from the many contract opportunities available in these sectors by becoming a BidNet member.

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BidNet gathers open government bids from thousands of sources and delivers them to you each day by email. BidNet’s system of over 9,000 unique product and service codes allows you to specify the types of bids that you wish to receive, saving you time and resources, and ensuring that your time is spent bidding on government contracts instead of searching through newspapers and websites to find open bids.

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Business and Industrial Supplies Contracts

The wide variety of products and services needed by city, county, state and district governments ensures that you can find requests for proposals that match your business needs. RFPs for oil products, hand tools, custodial supplies and office supply bids are regularly issued by public agencies to fulfill spot and term contracts. In the energy sector, crude oil contracts, pipeline bids and other opportunities are also sourced from vendors via open bidding. Experienced providers of specialized paper products and forms, as well as vendors that provide fuels, chemicals, paint or equipment for service establishments such as auto repair garages, barber shops and salons can all grow their government business opportunities with BidNet.

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You can also benefit from BidNet’s 30 years of experience in the government agency bidding market. We provide you with a tool to find past awarded solicitations and see when they may go out for bid again in the future, allowing you to get out in front of the bid process.

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“We use BidNet to manage all State and Local government bids that we are working closely with. It’s the not volume that interests us, but the targeted bids for local education and state agencies. We use the entire suite of BidNet’s online tools to track our daily work. It keeps us organized. BidNet’s site is easy to use and provides complete coverage of all the information we need for the bids we’re working on.”
- Manish Shah, Owner, CNI Office Supplies

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