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BidNet gathers thousands of opportunities from state and local government agencies each day and delivers them to members via our powerful bid service platform. The time and resource savings that BidNet provides ensures that you spend more time bidding on government contracts, and less time searching for bid opportunities.


“BidNet has definitely enhanced our business over the years. We’ve used BidNet’s Federal, State and Local service for the last 9 years because the ability to get bid information in a timely manner is critical. I monitor my Bid Alerts® daily, as soon as I walk in the door each morning, and also benefit from their e-procurement systems. While there are other services out there, we trust the reliability of BidNet. The team at BidNet is there if we need them and the service continues to keep us in the game!”
— Cliff Cameron, VP Sales, Keizer Morris, Intl

“We’ve used BidNet since 1995 to help us locate municipal bids. We rely on the daily Bid Alert® Bulletins because they ensure that we do not have to go looking for new opportunities on our own.”
— Teri Barnum, Inside Sales Lead, Jack Doheny Supplies

“We get solicited by other companies all the time offering to track opportunities and to switch, however we only use BidNet because we’re happy with the service. Each day, when I first arrive at work, I look forward to checking my Bid Alert® Bulletins from BidNet. We deal primarily with School and County contracts and BidNet keeps us organized and helps us keep track of what we know we are already a part of. It also allows us to watch for other opportunities that may come available and that we want to pursue. The customer service is great as well, if I have a question I send an email and I get an immediate response. I also appreciate the occasional calls from the Customer Care team to see how it’s going.”
— Charles Winters, Contract Sales Manager, Ginsberg’ Foods

“With our BidNet service we get a notification every morning and can download any solicitations that we want to respond to. BidNet is easy and simple to use, and the fact that it provides a link where I can download the solicitation is great.”
— Miri Weber, Bid Administrator, Ever Ready First Aid

"Crowe Horwath LLP was looking for a government bid guide to help navigate through the vast number of Request for Proposals that are issued on a daily basis. We found that BidNet, with the ability to set keywords and filters, is a user-friendly and manageable service that meets our specific needs."
— Delia Bruntz, Pipeline Manager, Crowe Horwath LLP

“We use BidNet to manage all State and Local government bids that we are working closely with. It’s the not volume that interests us, but the targeted bids for local education and state agencies. We use the entire suite of BidNet’s online tools to track our daily work. It keeps us organized. BidNet’s site is easy to use and provides complete coverage of all the information we need for the bids we’re working on.”
— Manish Shah, Owner, CNI Office Supplies

“We utilize BidNet to find solicitations because BidNet catches bids that we didn’t know about. BidNet sends us a daily Bid Alert® Bulletin where the information is easily accessible. Their e-procurement networks also provide us with bids that we don’t see elsewhere.”
— Valia Way, Manager Bids & Contracts, BoundTree Medical Products, Inc

“BidNet’s system provides us with the targeted opportunities we want to see. Since 2001, we’ve benefited from receiving our daily Bid Alert® Bulletins and appreciate the simplicity of the summaries. BidNet’s website is easy to use and allows us to sort bids by product accurately. Their customer service is outstanding too! I always get a call back within 24 hours if I have a question.”
— Sandi Ricketts, Traffic Sign Material Specialist, American Traffic Safety Materials, Inc.

“Since 1998 we’ve used BidNet to alert us of upcoming or published opportunities at the state level that we are interested in. We like that we get the Bid Alert® Bulletins daily, which provide a link to each solicitation. It’s great that the solicitations are included in the notices so we don't have to scramble to find them on each state’s site. BidNet also provides amendments and keeps us up to date.”
— Lucia Davidson, Project Information Coordinator, The Lewin Group

"Tech Valley Continuity first learned of a local county project through the daily BidNet Bid Alert® Bulletin. We won that contract and earned enough to cover our BidNet subscription for the next 40 years! Thank you BidNet! Without your service we would not have learned about this project."
— Geoff Turner, President, Tech Valley Continuity

“We have used BidNet since 2009. The people are great, the service is exceptional and the bids they send us give us ample time to respond. Our success with new bids has been well worth our commitment. I would highly recommend BidNet.”
— Norman Ray, National Sales Manager, Custom Container Solutions

"I can't believe that I did not join BidNet years ago. Their service has put more jobs in front of me than I could have ever imagined! I can be more selective now, and not bid on as many jobs so close to the knife's edge. Within my first week I was actively bidding 13 projects. I even made contact with a local technical expert I found with BidNet, which led me to 3 unadvertised open purchase orders totaling $23,000. I definitely should have considered BidNet sooner!"
— Brent Davis, Owner, B. Davis Enterprises, LLC

“Since we joined BidNet in 2001 we’ve found them to be an indispensible part of our government contracting business. As a manufacturer of programmable changeable message sign products, government business is a big part of what we do. We rely on BidNet to alert us to new opportunities and keep us abreast of opportunities on which we’re currently bidding. The information that BidNet provides is both timely and comprehensive, and very accessible. We especially appreciate the daily Bid Alert® Bulletins and how the most pertinent information is concisely summarized in the Bid Alerts®.”
— Casey Inoue, National Sales Manager, American Signal Company

“BidNet’s service and support has been an asset to our business. It has been simple to communicate with them to renew our service and to add additional users to our account. With the bidding documents directly linked from the Bid Alerts®, preparing the bids for submission is quicker and more efficient. An added bonus to the bids I receive is the opportunities from the e-procurement systems across the country.”
— Craig Alan Floyd, National Solar Operations Manager, Performance Contracting Inc

“The service is great! I love the fact that the notifications are true to what I’m seeking and it takes little time for me to scan through the information and know exactly what to go after. In my yearly presentation to my supervisors I summarize the subscription services I utilize and I let them know that BidNet always pays for itself within the first month of the year based on the win of a contract. Thank you for all you do for us!“
— Janet Timm, Sales Coordinator, Midwest Tape

“This is our first year with BidNet and we already see the value in their service. After spending time gathering bids from wherever we could, having bids, documents, notices and awards all in one place has been a big help to our company. The customer care team was essential when reviewing our account to ensure that we had the proper industry codes to ensure relevant opportunities. Everyone from sales to customer care has been kind to work with.”
— Rebecca Perrin, Proposal Development Coordinator, Intrafinity

“We needed to get up to speed with opportunities in the government sector. Bidnet was the obvious choice. Their 30 years experience, excellent reputation in the bid notification business, plus the ease of accessing all the marketing intelligence made the decision a simple one.”
— Mike Hicks, Owner, Performance Plus

“The BidNet operation is top notch. The reports are spot on and provide just enough detail for us to make decisions on what fits and what doesn’t. Joining BidNet was a good move for us in a very competitive market!”
— Phil Vallone, President, Rolling V

“We depend on BidNet for timely and accurate bid information. Their services are crucial to help us accomplish our growth objectives. I literally use their services every day.”
— Billy Grill, Small Business Development, Sales, and Marketing, TEC Engineering

“Great bid service! We have utilized BidNet for several years now. We are amazed at the number of projects related to our industry that it delivers daily. The daily Bid Alert® Bulletin is convenient and, as a manufacturer with nation-wide distribution, the access it provides to several e-procurement sites is extremely valuable. BidNet continues to deliver information related to more projects than services that cost over 10x as much annually! In addition to the great system BidNet is, their customer service is top-notch and greatly appreciated.”
— James Neidig, Inside Sales Manager, Playworld

"Since 2012, United Concrete Products has used BidNet to keep us apprised of construction projects that use our products. UCP has a diverse inventory that covers multiple markets. BidNet’s broad information is very valuable to our sales team when determining which projects are suited to United Concrete Products’ manufacturing capabilities. Thank you BidNet, for streamlining the project information process!"
— Dave Smith, Building Sales, United Concrete Products Inc.

“My team and I respond to over 80 national printing bids a month. BidNet’s service helps me keep the pipeline full and my team focused on responses rather than searching out opportunities.”
— Alex Karvunis, Sr. Bid Manager, Signature Offset

“After a quick and easy subscription signup, we have been very pleased with BidNet’s service. The customer care team has been accommodating to us since the beginning. They have helped us set up our account to ensure we receive the most appropriate opportunities and have changed users for us as needed. The most valuable part of BidNet’s service to our company, has been the ability to separate territories between our sales representatives. This ensures that each representative receives their own designated opportunities based on territory, helping our company avoid overlap when bidding on opportunities.”
— Chelsi Lovos, Sales Administrator- Western Zone, McNeilus

“Bidnet has been a pleasure to use from day one! The accessibility, simplicity and ease of use makes our sales force’s job that much easier. Having filtered bid notices, awards and so much more sent to my inbox daily sure beats pouring through countless websites to see if we’ve missed any opportunities. With Bidnet, we know we are getting the most up-to-the-minute information available, without spending all that time and effort necessary to achieve results. BidNet allows us to focus on what we do best, servicing our customers!”
— Jacob Zahler, C.O.O., Cleantex Services, Inc.

“Ten months ago we decided to work with BidNet in an effort to find out about projects to help our company get noticed and then win various RFP’s throughout the nation. We were initially unsure how it would all work out for our investment to join [BidNet]. The staff at BidNet have been wonderful checking in every now and then to see if any additional assistance was needed. This year has been a huge SUCCESS! Because our business has somewhat of a narrow product line, we responded to only fourteen RFP’s. Yet over these ten months, we have won four lucrative jobs! And these were all bids that we would not have even known about had it not been for BidNet.”
— Jane Metzger, CEO, Imperatives, Inc.

“The BidNet system allows us to stay on top of bid opportunities, and have access to municipal purchasing groups all under one umbrella. The daily notifications are very useful and have led to bid opportunities that we subsequently were awarded.”
— Michael Murray , Director of Marketing, Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLP