Procurement Solutions – Public / Private Organizations

BidNet provides a complete e-procurement solution for buying organizations with BidNet Direct, our all-in-one, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) purchasing solution.



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Government Agencies

BidNet Direct allows government agencies to easily manage vendor pools, compare bids, set pre-bidding requirements for vendors, distribute documents, track bid activity and more, all from one central location. State, county and municipal purchasing departments across the United States use BidNet Direct to streamline their procurement processes, automate vendor management, comply with transparency requirements and efficiently manage all aspects of purchasing.

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Private Organizations

Private organizations also benefit from the BidNet Direct e-procurement solution. BidNet Direct’s powerful suite of purchasing tools gives companies a leg up on the competition by streamlining the procurement process and automating manual tasks, freeing up resources, and lowering the cost of implementing purchasing initiatives.

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Vendor Management

Manage large vendor pools, communicate with project stakeholders and quickly match opportunities with qualified vendors.

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Document Distribution

Easily manage and share important documents, addenda, and project specifications with your vendor pool, all from one location.

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Vendor Qualification

Set custom compliance requirements that must be met by vendors before they submit a bid, saving time and resources.

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Tracking and Auditing

Automatically track bid activity, document access and other important events as they occur, and then export the data for easy auditing.

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Custom Dashboards

Quickly and easily create custom dashboards for stakeholders, allowing you to share important data with the people who need to see it.

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Key Benefits

  • Save Time and Resources. BidNet Direct allows managers and administrators to focus on procurement initiatives instead of trying to keep up with paper-based communications and spending hours on the phone with vendors.
  • Easy-to-Use. BidNet Direct is user-friendly and designed to make even the largest procurement projects easy to manage. Every step of purchasing – from vendor pre-qualification, to bid comparison, to document distribution – is just a click away.
  • No Hardware Required. BidNet Direct is a Software-as-a-Service solution. This cloud-based software is easy to set up, and even easier to use.
  • Detailed Data. The BidNet Direct solution gathers important data during the procurement process according to your specifications, making it simple to meet compliance requirements, ensure transparency and easily track the progress of procurement initiatives.
  • Helpful Customer Support. Ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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“The purchasing solution is set up to change with us, they are really in tune to what our needs are and I give them compliments for addressing the changing times and new agencies that come on. The service is really easy to look at, it’s great to use, the vendors love it and it represents New Mexico well.”
- Tammy Brisco West, Purchasing Director , Chaves County