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Tech Valley Continuity

“Tech Valley Continuity first learned of a local county project through the daily BidNet Bid Alert® Bulletin. We won that contract and earned enough to cover our BidNet subscription for the next 40 years! Thank you BidNet! Without your service we would not have learned about this project.”
— Geoff Turner, President, Tech Valley Continuity

B. Davis Enterprises, LLC

"I can't believe that I did not join BidNet years ago. Their service has put more jobs in front of me than I could have ever imagined! I can be more selective now, and not bid on as many jobs so close to the knife's edge. Within my first week I was actively bidding 13 projects. I even made contact with a local technical expert I found with BidNet, which led me to 3 unadvertised open purchase orders totaling $23,000. I definitely should have considered BidNet sooner!"
— Brent Davis, Owner, B. Davis Enterprises, LLC

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