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Bid Information

Bid Alert No: 00000516339

Bid Title: Truck Cab & Chassis

Agency Bid No. Title: 007116B0007544

Received Date: 03/18/2016

Close Date: 04/14/2016

Purchase Type: Term:

Delivery Point: Not Stated, Michigan

Delivery Date: Not Stated

Special Notices: Pre-Bid Conference 03/22/2016 10:00 AM, Questions Due By 03/28/2016 03:00 PM


Specifications include, but are not limited to: A.Cab and Chassis vehicles per Exhibit D - Specifications.All vehicles to be furnished hereunder shall conform to the attached specifications (Exhibit D Specifications). If equipment does not fully comply with specifications, dealers shall include a list of designated exceptions to specifications. When no statement of exception is indicated, conformance to specifications will be required. Exceptions must be registered with the item number(s) to which it applies and list the description of equipment involved. This information shall be submitted electronically with the bid submittal via The State reserves the right to accept or reject exceptions to the specification.B.New EquipmentAll vehicles must be new and of the manufacturers current models in production at the time of order. All standard or optional equipment to be included shall be as advertised by the manufacturer (OEM) and factory installed and shall not consist of substitute or after-market equipment. Equipment not available from the factory may be dealer installed, in compliance with specifications.C.OptionsThe Contractor shall provide options for Cab & Chassis at the lowest price available to all ordering entities. 1.2 WarrantiesAll vehicles purchased on this contract will be covered at a minimum by the same manufacturers vehicle warranty as is provided to retail customers. The Contractor will be responsible for all materials and accessories used in the vehicle, whether the same is ready made or from an outside source; and this responsibility may not be transferred, conveyed, assigned to any other person, company, corporation or entity without the previous written approval of the State.Extension of warranty and or other policy adjustments will be considered when constant maintenance is required or if replacement parts prove unsound. The State of Michigan shall expect the manufacturer to have an adequate stock of replacement parts available to service State of Michigan, and Extended Purchasing Participants vehicles, and to make delivery of all replacement parts to their dealers who may service the State of Michigan, and Extended Purchasing Participants vehicles, within a reasonable time. The prime Contractor will be required to contact the State of Michigan, and Extended Purchasing Participants within ten (10) days after receipt of a contract release or purchase order, to arrange procedures concerning the implementation of warranty claims and to designate personnel to handle claims.1.3 Recall Requirements and Procedures The Contractor shall notify the State and/or the ordering entity within 48 hours of a recall notice. 1.4 Quality Assurance ProgramExplain your Quality Assurance Program(s). 1.5 Incentives Explain any special incentives or services including, but not limited to, return policies, trade-in programs, quantity discounts, etc. 2. Service Levels2.1 Time FramesDelivery shall be within: 90-120 calendar days after receipt of the order for Cab & Chassis without body equipment.120-240 calendar days after receipt of order for Cab & Chassis equipped with Dump, Stake, or Van Type Bodies.The Contractor and the State, or Ordering Entity, may mutually agree upon alternate schedules in writing. Deviations from the agreed upon schedule exceeding seven (7) calendar days shall be subject to section 10, Invoice Credits.2.2 TrainingThe dealer shall provide access for State and Ordering Entity mechanics to all on-line service and repair information including service bulletins for all vehicles purchased. The dealer shall provide access for State and Ordering Entity mechanics to service and repair training for the models purchased. Training shall be similar to the training offered to dealership mechanics.2.3 ReportingThe State reserves the right to request reports from the Contractor.2.4 DocumentsContractor shall submit the following documents at the time of delivery:a)Owners/Operator's manual for vehicle and all add-on equipment.b)Warranty papers for chassis, body, and additional equipment if applicable.c)Maintenance manual(s).2.5 MeetingsThe State may request a kick-off meeting with the Contractor within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date. The State may request other meetings, as it deems appropriate.3. Staffing 3.1 Contractor Representative The Contractor shall appoint an individual, specifically assigned to State of Michigan accounts, that will respond to State inquiries regarding the Contract Activities, answering questions related to ordering and delivery, etc. (the Contractor Representative).The Contractor shall notify the Contract Administrator at least 30 calendar days before removing or assigning a new Contractor Representative.3.2 Customer Service Toll-Free NumberThe Contractor shall specify its toll-free number for the State to make contact with the Contractor Representative. The Contractor Representative shall be available for calls during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm EST. 3.3 Technical Support, Repairs and MaintenanceThe Contractor shall specify its toll-free number (if different than above) for the State to make contact with the Contractor for technical support, repairs and maintenance. The Contractor shall be available for calls and service during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm EST.3.4 Disclosure of SubContractors If the Contractor intends to utilize subContractors, the Contractor shall disclose the following:The legal business name; address; telephone number; a description of subContractors organization and the services it will provide; and information concerning subContractors ability to provide the Contract Activities. The relationship of the subContractor to the Contractor. Whether the Contractor has a previous working experience with the subContractor. If yes, provide the details of that previous relationship.A complete description of the Contract Activities that will be performed or provided by the subContractor.Of the total bid, the price of the subContractors work. 4. Pricing4.1 Price TermThe pre-qualified pool of vendors shall bid annually on vehicles. Compliance with specifications and the lowest bid, shall govern award for vehicles by manufacturer, model category, and/or model groups. The State reserves the right to negotiate with one or more Contractors. Once vehicles are awarded, prices are fixed for one model year with an option to roll-over pricing for the next model years. Model year is defined as the current model year at the time of the bid release. Dealers are obligated to provide the vehicle at the bid price as long as that model year is produced. Roll-over pricing shall be upon mutual agreement between the State and the dealer. The State reserves the right to prohibit roll-over pricing for any reason. Vehicles that are not rolled over are included in the upcoming annual bid cycle. 4.2 Price ChangesPrices quoted are the maximum to be charged during the vehicle model year. Model year is defined as the current model year at the time of the bid release. Dealers are obligated to provide the vehicle at the bid price as long as that model year is produced with the following exceptions: a)The State or Ordering Entity shall receive the benefit of any decrease in price that may occur.b)If changes in manufacturer standard equipment or federal regulations affect the cost of the vehicle(s) during the model year by more than one hundred-dollars ($100), the Contractor may request a price revision to reflect the actual cost increase experienced. The request must be accompanied by evidence that the change actually affected the Contractors cost.c)If the State of Michigan raises the cost of the vehicle title fees during the contract period, Contractors may request a price adjustment to reflect the actual cost increase experienced.Changes may be either increase or decrease, and may be requested by either party. Approved changes shall be firm for the remainder of the model year, and shall take effect 30 days after authorization by Contract Change Notice. The postmark date on the Contract Release/Purchase Order shall determine prices to be charged on an order that may have been in transit prior to implementation of price revisions.Requests for price changes shall be RECEIVED IN WRITING AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THEIR EFFECTIVE DATE, and are subject to written acceptance before becoming effective. In the event new prices are not acceptable, the vehicle will be added to the upcoming bid cycle making it available for all pre-qualified dealers to submit bids. The continued payment of any charges due after September 30th of any fiscal year will be subject to the availability of an appropriation for this purpose.5. Ordering5.1 Authorizing Document Orders for delivery of commodities and/or services will be issued directly by the State, or Extended Purchasing Participants, through the issuance of a Purchase Order Form referencing this contract. The Contractor is asked to reference all items per section 8.1 Invoice Requirements. The Contractor is only authorized to sell vehicles specifically listed on their contract within the respective model year. Any misrepresentations, such as selling of other vehicles, could be subject to the following:1.Submittal of an official Vendor Performance with the State.2.Loss of award (Contractors current awarded vehicles to be re-bid amongst other Contractors).3.Early removal from pre-qualification.5.2 Order Verification The Contractor must have internal controls to verify abnormal orders and to ensure that only authorized individuals place orders. When an item is backordered, the Contractor shall notify the State or Ordering Entity within ten (10) business days. The Contractor shall provide an order confirmation within two (2) business days. The Contractor shall provide a delivery timeframe within ten (10) business days.6.DeliveryA.F.O.B. Delivered ItemsPrices shall be quoted "F.O.B. Delivered" with transportation charges prepaid on all orders for State of Michigan Agencies, in the vicinity of Lansing, Michigan. Other F.O.B. terms will not be accepted and may disqualify a dealer from further consideration.B.F.O.B. dealership ItemsPrices shall be quoted "F.O.B. Dealership" with transportation charges prepaid to the primary Contractor location on all orders for Extended Purchasing Participants. Dealers must also quote a delivery cost per mile to facilitate calculation of delivery cost to various locations within Michigan. The delivery fee per vehicle for Extended Purchasing Participants shall be a maximum of $2.50 per mile starting at the first mile. Dealers can include a lower delivery fee than $2.50 per mile in their bid responses. The delivery cost per mile will be added to the unit cost of the vehicle unit price quoted to determine the Total Unit Price for F.O.B. Dealership items. Mileage will be calculated based upon the Official Michigan Department of Transportation Highway Map. Other F.O.B. terms will not be accepted and may disqualify a dealer from further consideration.C.Driver DeliveryContractors will be permitted to drive vehicles to final destinations in compliance with the Affidavit for Driver Delivery attached, however, the affidavit must be completed, submitted, and in the contract file within Purchasing Operations to be applicable.Delivery must be made between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday ONLY, excluding State Holidays. Contractors shall contact the ordering agency 48 hours prior to the scheduled delivery time and date, to obtain confirmation of staff availability.7. Acceptance7.1 Acceptance and Inspection Prior to delivery, each vehicle shall be serviced and inspected by the dealer or their agent. At a minimum, this pre delivery service and inspection shall cover the specifications listed in the State of Michigan Specifications per Exhibit D, Pre-Delivery Service. A copy of the Contractors inspection and service check, including the Contractors and vehicle identification, check-off of service and inspection performed and the service manager's signature shall be furnished with each vehicle delivered. The vehicles crank case, differential and transmission shall be filled to the manufacturer's recommended capacity and the fuel tank shall have a minimum of one-fourth of a tank of fuel when the vehicle arrives at the delivery destination. The Contractor shall provide a completed odometer statement, completed RD108 application for title form, vehicle window sticker or line setting ticket, and invoice for each vehicle at the time of delivery. The vehicle shall be clean and free from defects when delivered. Each unit shall have an initial fill of windshield washer solution with solvent giving winter protection.The receiving State Agency and Ordering Entity have been instructed to make inspection on receipt of units and to process payment documents promptly. Payment documents, however, will be delayed if the vehicle fails to comply with specification requirements. 8. Invoice and Payment8.1 Invoice RequirementsAll invoices submited to the State must include: (a) date; (b) contract number; (c) purchase order; (d) quantity; (e) description of the Contract Activities; (f) base vehicle unit price; (g) option unit price; (h) shipping cost (if any); and (i) total price. 8.2 MiDeal Requirementsa)The Contractor must ensure that all purchasers are MiDEAL Members before extending the Contract pricing.b)The Contractor must submit quarterly reports of MiDEAL purchasing activities (See Standard Contract Terms, section 7).c)To the extent that MiDEAL Members purchase Deliverable(s) under this Contract, the quantities of Deliverable(s) purchased will be included in determining the appropriate rate wherever tiered pricing based on quantity is provided.d)The Contractor shall submit invoices to and receive payment from MiDEAL Members on a direct and individual basis (See Standard Contract Terms, section 8).9. Additional Requirements9.1 Environmental and Energy Efficient ProductsThe Contractor must identify any energy efficient, bio-based, or otherwise environmental friendly products used in the products. Contractor must include any relevant third-party certification, including the verification of a United States department of agriculture certified bio based product label. 9.2 Recycled Content and RecyclabilityDeliverable(s). Without compromising performance or quality, the State prefers Deliverable(s) containing higher percentages of recycled materials. The Bidder must indicate an estimate of the percentage of recycled materials, if any, contained in each Deliverable:(total estimated percentage of recovered material)(estimated percentage of post-consumer material)(estimated percentage of post-industrial waste)9.2 Hazardous Chemical Identification In accordance with the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, 42 USC 11001, et seq., as amended, the Contractor must provide a Material Safety Data Sheet listing any hazardous chemicals, as defined in 40 CFR 370.2, to be delivered. Each hazardous chemical must be properly identified, including any applicable identification number, such as a National Stock Number or Special Item Number. The Contractor must identify any hazardous chemicals that will be provided under any resulting contract. 9.3 Mercury ContentPursuant to MCL 18.1261d, mercury-free products must be procured when possible. The Contractor must explain if it intends to provide products containing mercury, the amount or concentration of mercury, and whether cost competitive alternatives exist. If a cost competitive alternative does exist, the Contractor must provide justification as to why the particular product is essential. All products containing mercury must be labeled as containing mercury.9.4 Brominated Flame RetardantsThe State prefers to purchase products that do not contain brominated flame retardants (BFRs) whenever possible. The Contractor must disclose whether the products contain BFRs.10. Invoice Credits Late or improper completion of the Contract Activities will cause loss and damage to the State and Extending Purchasing Participants and it would be impracticable and extremely difficult to fix the actual damage sustained by the State and/or Extending Purchasing Participants. Therefore, if there is late or improper completion of the Contract Activities, the State, and the Ordering Entity are entitled to collect invoice credits in the amount of 2/10th of 1% of the Purchase Order for each day the Contractor fails to remedy the late or improper completion of the Work.11. Liquidated DamagesUnauthorized Removal of Key Personnel will interfere with the timely and proper completion of the Contract, to the loss and damage of the State, and it would be impracticable and extremely difficult to fix the actual damage sustained by the State. Therefore, the State may assess liquidated damages against Contractor as specified below. The State is entitled to collect $500 per individual per day for the removal of any Key Personnel without prior approval of the State. The State is entitled to collect $500 per individual per day for an unapproved or untrained key personnel replacement.

Product Codes: 07207, 07204, 07208, 07206, 07203

Agency Information

Issuing Agency: State of Michigan - Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB)

State: Michigan

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: Yvon Dufour

Phone: 517-284-6996




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