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Specifications include, but are not limited to: Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services. The Department of Human Resources (CalHR) seeks a qualified contractor to provideSubstance Abuse Professional Services (SAP) to a consortium established by CalHR toconduct drug and alcohol testing. These services shall include, but not be limited to,employees who are tested under federal and state drug and alcohol testing regulations, andcollective bargaining units. SAP services must be provided for employees locatedthroughout the entire state (Attachments 3 and 4).2. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICESA. Objective of IFBThe key objective of this IFB is to seek responses from qualified SAP providers who will:1) Deliver SAP services to state employees.2) Deliver a provider network that will adequately serve the geographic locations ofstate departments in California.3) Demonstrate a willingness to partner with CalHR towards containing costs, whilemaintaining the highest quality services to CalHR and state departments.4) Maintain a stable and competitive cost structure with a minimum of three (3) yearrate guarantee.5) Allow for negotiation of drug testing program changes due to the needs of collectivebargaining.**Due to collective bargaining, any modification to current program services must beapproved by CalHR. CalHR reserves the right to negotiate all program changes and anyand all changes to rates as a result of collective bargaining agreements.The contract will be for three (3) years, with the option to extend up to a maximum of twoadditional years after the initial three-year period. The state will be open to consideringlonger term rate guarantees such as 4 or 5 years, spanning the entire length of thecontract.Those bidders who are responsive to meeting the IFB requirements may be required tomake an oral presentation of their bid to CalHR in Sacramento, California at the biddersexpense. CalHR will schedule the time for these presentations. Presentations will be forclarification purposes only, and CalHR may not require presentations from all bidders.A population of at least 6,500 employees will be covered by the contract taking effectJuly 1, 2016. The count of eligible employees may vary due to seasonal employeesand/or unidentified positions. The California Department of Transportation may, duringthe course of this contract, withdraw from use of the services under this agreement.This represents approximately 4,000 employees that would be eliminated from servicesunder this contract. IFB Number: 500-16-01Page 6 of 97Revision 03/2016B. State Testing ProgramsThe State of California, CalHR conducts drug and alcohol testing under the followingthree state employee testing programs:1) CalHR regulations provide for reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing ofapproximately 60,000 employees who perform safety-sensitive work, such as lawenforcement, firefighting, medical care, heavy equipment operations, and othermiscellaneous classes.2) State Personnel Board regulations allow state departments, at their option, toconduct pre-employment drug testing for safety-sensitive positions. To date, suchtesting has been initiated primarily for law enforcement classes.3) The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), title 49, subtitle A, part 40 and title 49,subtitle B, chapter III, subchapter B, part 382, et al. require random, reasonablesuspicion, post-accident, pre-employment, return-to-work, and follow-up testing fordrugs and alcohol for approximately 6,500 state employees who perform commercialdriving duties.C. CalHR Testing ConsortiumAs a service to state departments, CalHR has formed a consortium through whichparticipating state departments are able to conduct the testing described above. Thisconsortium provides urine collection, breath alcohol testing, laboratory analysis, MedicalReview Officer (MRO), and SAP services for the drug and alcohol testing programs.There are approximately 41 state departments that conduct their testing through theconsortium. CalHR expects that the annual testing volume for the federal regulationswill be 2,600 drug and alcohol tests. CalHR estimates 2,300 of these will be randomtests and that 300 of them will be a mixture of pre-employment, reasonable suspicion,post-accident, return-to-work, and follow-up tests. The employees to be tested will be atnumerous locations throughout California, including many remote locations.For the most part, SAP services will be used by state departments that have employeescovered by federal regulations; however, departments have the option of providing SAPservices to other employees tested under state testing programs.The estimated volumes are CalHRs best estimates at this time. They are given heresolely to provide a basis for bid comparison. The state does not guarantee that this willbe the actual amount of testing.The primary contractor for SAP services will submit invoices to CalHR for payment.CalHR in turn, will be reimbursed by the participating state departments. IFB Number: 500-16-01Page 7 of 97Revision 03/2016D. The Testing ProcessFor drug testing, state departments will refer and/or escort employees to the appropriatecollection site to submit a urine specimen unless arrangements have been made for onsitecollections. A Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA)-certified laboratory will then test the urine samples for the specified drugpanel. Drug tests results will be sent to a MRO, who will review the results, report thoseresults as specified in the federal regulations, and submit his/her conclusions to the statedepartment that sent the employee for testing. All steps in this process must beconducted in accordance with applicable SAMHSA standards as they now exist or mayexist in the future.For alcohol testing, state departments will refer and/or escort employees to theappropriate testing site, unless arrangements have been made for on-site testing.Testing will be conducted using an evidential breath testing device. The testing site willnotify the employing state department of the test results. All steps in this process mustbe conducted in accordance with CFR, title 49, subtitle A, part 40.E. The Substance Abuse Professional ProcessWhen an employee has tested positive for drugs or alcohol under federal regulations orstate authority, a designated state representative will initiate the SAP process by makinga referral to the SAP. The SAP will:1) Conduct an initial evaluation of the employee to assess their level of use of drugsand/or alcohol.2) Upon completion of the evaluation, recommend appropriate treatment and/orresources to the employee and prepare a report to the employer indicating thecourse of action recommended to the employee.3) Monitor and evaluate the employees progress throughout the treatment and conducta reevaluation prior to the employee returning to work.4) Prepare a written report to the employer regarding the progress of the employeesrehabilitation, including: (a) a determination as to whether the employee hasproperly followed the prescribed rehabilitation program, and (b) a recommendationfor follow-up (including the number of tests required and the duration) testing uponthe employees return to employment.5) The primary contractor for these services will submit its invoices to CalHR forpayment. CalHR in turn, will be reimbursed by the participating state departments.F. PartnershipAs an agent of the taxpayers, the CalHR feels a strong responsibility for making prudentpurchases of all services, including the services of the state. IFB Number: 500-16-01Page 8 of 97Revision 03/2016The state strives to maintain long-term contract relationships with its bidders. Thestates philosophy is to develop long-term partnerships based on the development andmaintenance of common interests, concerns, and goals. The successful bidder willdemonstrate this partnership by their willingness to share risk, and to proactively workwith the state and provide the highest quality of program services possible withcontinued assurance that a high level of quality service delivery shall be maintainedthroughout the point of specimen collection and test result reporting. This also meansthe state expects its vendors to monitor quality in the provision of its services as well ascost. The state expects that the successful bidder shall also proactively ensure andenforce quality control programs throughout the SAP process. The state views itsoutside vendors as key members of the team and requires that the successful bidderwork closely with the state to maintain close communication, high quality services,pricing and costs controls, as well as effective ongoing communications through periodicmeetings with CalHR and state departments.

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