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Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

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Bid Information

Bid Alert No: 00000534899

Bid Title: Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Agency Bid No. Title: RH17-006

Received Date: 04/06/2016

Close Date: 04/19/2016

Purchase Type: Term:

Delivery Point: Various Locations, Riverhead Central School District, New York

Delivery Date: Not Stated


Specifications include, but are not limited to: Scope of WorkThe awarded Contractor shall provide skilled, experienced service to a variety of refrigeration(commercial) equipment on an as-needed basis district-wide. The Contractor agrees to maintain therefrigeration equipment to the standard required by the current configuration and installation and to keepthe system 100% operational during the term of the contract. The Contractor must have materials, partsand/or equipment that would be required to operate, test and maintain each type of equipment within theDistrict. Defective parts must be replaced with original equipment parts or parts which meet originalmanufacturers specifications. All work described is required to satisfy the terms of this contract.43.2 Repair and/or Maintenance ServicesThe Contractor shall supply all necessary labor, supervision, equipment, supplies, tools andmaterials necessary to perform all service calls to refrigeration (commercial) equipment whichinclude, but are not limited to Beverage-Air, Continental, Federal, Traulsen and True as requiredand requested by the District. The Contractor shall respond to all repair service calls within two(2) hours of a telephone call from the Districts specified representative and perform all necessaryrepairs. When called, the Contractor will provide repair and maintenance service 7:00 AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday on covered equipment as requested by the Director of FoodServices. No travel time will be paid to the Contractor.a. Before repairs are started, a written estimate shall be provided to the District representativedetailing the problem, required repairs and costs. The Contractor shall only perform work, whichis required. Repairs shall only be performed with the authorization of the Director of FoodServices or the designated District representative. Should any repair work be performed without RH17-006 Page 16authorization, payment will not be made. The District reserves the right to elect not to conductsuch work.b. The work to be performed must be planned, scheduled and agreed upon by the Riverhead CSDDirector of Food Services. Approximate dates of starting and completion of work will bemutually agreed upon by both the Contractor and the Riverhead Central School District and willbe stated in the Purchase Order.c. Repair work shall be paid on an hourly basis. All mutually agreed upon work hours shall befirm. In the event hidden or abnormal situations arise, work will stop. Contractor will notify theRiverhead Central School District Food Services Office for a determination before completingwork. If Contractor neglects to follow the above procedure, he shall bear the full cost with noobligation to the Riverhead Central School District.d. All repair work must meet the approval of the Districts authorized representative. All billsmust have a Service Ticket attached to it along with the Certified Payrolls.43.3 Mandatory Requirementsa. Contractor representative must be present for receipt of delivery of materials. Materialsand equipment required for the performance of work may be stored at the locations andfor periods of time as approved by the District.b. All work shall be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner.c. Contractor must own or lease all equipment necessary to properly meet the requirementsset forth herein, and have such equipment in good working order and available at alltimes during the contract period.d. All materials removed by the Contractor shall be properly disposed of at the Contractorsexpense.e. Contractor must provide protection for all surfaces.f. Contractor must be able to move all furniture.g. Contractor must remove all debris from the School property.h. All work will be done by Prevailing Wage using the attached schedule as a guide.i. Certified Payrolls on NYS DOL Form PW-16 must be submitted with each Invoice inorder to receive payment.j. Contractor is not authorized to use buildings sinks and or storm drains, refuse containersfor disposal of material.k. Contractor must use workmen skilled in the necessary trades when reinstalling itemsremoved for providing services.43.4 Bid PricesAll bid prices are to be stated at an hourly rate for the cost of labor. That hourly rate shall include: hourlyrate cost, overhead, profit, estimating time, compensation, transportation, fuel, tools, pensions, retirementfund, insurance, vacation, sick leave and any other costs incurred by the contractor.The mark-up percentage will be applied to the contractors certified manufacturer/distributor costsubstantiated by contractors invoices.43.5 Contract TermThe term of the Agreement between the District and the Contractor shall be for one (1) year, July 1, 2016through June 30, 2017. There shall be an option to renew the Agreement for two additional one (1) yearperiods, under the same terms and conditions if agreeable by all parties and by resolution by theRiverhead CSD Board of Education. The subsequent renewal term will begin on July 1, 2017 throughJune 30, 2018 and so on.RH17-006 Page 1743.6 Service PersonnelThe Contractor shall use only qualified personnel directly employed or supervised by their company.Contractor shall submit with bid a list of current employees, level of certification, list of experience andjob title. The Contractor shall possess, and produce upon request, all pertinent licenses or permits fromauthorities having jurisdiction that are relevant to any work performed under this contract.No Subcontractors shall be employed on the project unless prior approval has been given by the DistrictAuthorized representative. The Contractor shall submit to the District, within five (5) business days ofcontract award, a list of proposed subcontractors for the Districts approval. The proposed Subcontractorslist shall contain; name of firm, address, the telephone and fax number, names of all principals, a listof completed projects, and list of references including contact information. The list shall be accompaniedby all pertinent licenses and permits from authorities having jurisdiction over the work performed by thesubcontractor.This contract expects that most, if not all, service and maintenance calls will be performed by a singletechnician. The Contractor shall not dispatch more than one technician on maintenance and service callsto the District without prior permission from the Director of Food Services, or his designee. The biddermust, if required, be licensed and carry all permits required to do work in the townships of Brookhaven,Riverhead, and Southampton.43.7 Service Calls-Normal Working HoursThe Contactor shall receive the unit prices stipulated on the Proposal form for each hour of workperformed during normal working hours. No time will be paid for travel to and from the job site. Normalworking hours are defined as 7:00 AM through 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.43.8 Service Calls-OvertimeThe Contractor shall receive the unit prices stipulated on the Proposal Form for each hour of workperformed during overtime pay periods. No time will be paid for travel to and from the job site. Overtimeworking hours are defined as all work performed outside of normal working hours.43.9 Emergency RepairsThe Contractor shall respond to telephone calls from the Districts specified representative that aredeemed an emergency, as quickly as possible, preferably within two (2) hours, but in no case more thanfour (4) hours of said request.The Contractor shall take whatever steps are necessary to expedite the emergency repair work. Foremergency work, the Contractor must submit a cost estimate for the repair work and materials within 48hours after starting the repair work.Emergency repair work shall be completed on a time and material basis. Payment for materials requiredfor emergency repairs shall be paid on a Contractors Certified Cost plus markup basis. The district mayelect to provide the necessary repair materials to the Contractor.43.10 Materials, Supplies & EquipmentMaterials for the repair of District Refrigeration Equipment will be paid at a Contractors Certified Costplus markup basis. No repair materials shall be furnished and installed without prior approval of theDistrict. The Contractor shall supply the District with copies of Manufacturers or Distributors invoicesfor all parts and equipment on suppliers letterhead or invoice along with the Contractors invoice. TheContractor shall supply incidental materials to the District at no charge. The contractor shall use the mostup to date materials being manufactured. No obsolete materials shall be allowed. The Contractor shallmaintain an adequate inventory of parts and materials so as to ensure prompt repairs on short notice. RH17-006 Page 18The Contractor shall be responsible for the proper disposal of all replaced materials and supplies at nocost to the District. It is understood that on occasion the Contractor shall need to provide rentedequipment to the District to complete necessary repair work or to provide for a temporary or emergencyneed. All rentals of such equipment shall be pre-approved by the authorized District representative. Allrentals shall be billed on the Contractors Cost plus markup basis.43.11 Warranty/Guarantee a) Performance Warranty: The vendor shall guarantee all work, equipment and materials included inthe service against any defects in workmanship; and shall satisfactorily correct, at no cost to theDistrict, any such defect that may become apparent within a period of one year after acceptanceof work. The warranty period shall commence upon date of completion, inspection andacceptance by the District representative. b) Material Warranty: Parts furnished under this contract shall be the latest improved parts in currentproduction, as offered to commercial trade, and shall be of quality material. Used, shopworn,demonstrator, prototype, reconditioned or discontinued parts or materials are not acceptable.Rebuilt parts may only be used with prior approval of the District. The District reserves the rightto furnish parts and materials if it is in the best interest of the District. The warranty period forvendor provided materials shall be for a period of one year after acceptance of work or within themanufacturers warranty, whichever is later. The warranty period shall commence upon date ofacceptance by the District. Vendor shall provide the District Representative with allmanufacturers warranty documents.43.12 Work Site Conditions and Clean-up a) During the performance of all work, Contractor shall at all times keep the site, corridors,stairways, and other areas which it may utilize free from waste materials, debris and/or rubbishand shall employ adequate dust control measures. If accumulation of such materials, debris,rubbish or dust constitutes a nuisance or safety hazard or is otherwise objectionable as reasonablydetermined by the District, Contractor shall promptly remove them. If any claim, demand, suit,losses, or action be brought by a person affected by the transportation of materials, equipment,goods or wastes to and from the Site, Contractor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless allIndemnified Parties. b) The Contractor shall cleanup on a daily basis, all interior and exterior areas, including thosevisible from outside the job site. c) During the performance of all work, the Contractor is prohibited from using building sinksand/or storm drains for disposal of any materials. d) The disposal of waste materials will be performed in accordance with all applicable federal,state and local laws, rules and regulations. This includes the proper removal and disposal of allhazardous and regulated waste generated in conjunction with the abatement and any demolitionwork. e) The Contractor shall at all times, keep the premises free from accumulation of waste materialor rubbish caused by the Contractors work. At the completion of the work, the Contractor shallremove all project signs and all rubbish and temporary work, of every nature, from and about theProject and the site. The Contractor shall remove all tools, scaffolding and surplus materials andshall leave the Project site broom clean or its equivalent. If the Contractor fails to clean up asrequired by this contract, the District may do so and the cost associated with such cleanup shall becharged to the Contractor. f) Immediately before turning any portion of the project over to the District, where there is exteriorglass, the Contractor shall leave clean, all interior surfaces of such glass. Care shall be taken notto scratch any glass. Acid or other cleaning solutions that will injure or mar the surface oradjacent walls or trim will not be allowed. Any damage resulting from glass cleaning shall becorrected by the Contractor, including the furnishing of new glass of same character and qualityor the replacement of other work damaged or disturbed.RH17-006 Page 19 g) The Contractor shall be responsible for repairing or replacing anything damaged by his operationswithin ten (10) days after notification by the authorized Riverhead CSD representative thatdamage has occurred.43.13 Travel TimeAll labor shall be billed from the time bidders employee arrives at, until the time he/she departs fromthe District jobsite. The District will not accept or authorize payment for travel time or expenses ofservice personnel or subcontractors to any of the District facility locations. The only billable time will befor service work actually performed.43.14 RecordkeepingIt is intended that the following procedure will provide a verified record of time spent on a particular taskby an outside contractor. a) Only one task shall be recorded per Service Ticket/Work Order Form. b) The Contractor will receive a Work Order Form from the building Custodian. c) The Custodian will indicate the time the contractor arrived on the Work Order Form and signname. d) The Contractor shall summarize the work accomplished, indicate the time in which he completedthe job and obtain the signature of the custodian on the Work Order Form.After the job is completed, copies of the Work Order Form will be distributed as follows: a) Required copies will be transmitted to the Director of Facilities by the Custodian. b) One copy will be retained by the Contractor.Any deviation from this procedure may cause delay in payment to the successful contractor. TheContractor shall be required to maintain a file of all work orders associated with this contract. WorkOrders shall indicate site location, date, a description of maintenance/repair performed, materials used,technician name, time of arrival and time of departure. All work orders shall be submitted to the Districtauthorized representative for signature at the time work is performed. A legible copy of the work order isto be left with the District authorized representative and will be the basis for payment. A copy of eachwork order must accompany all invoices submitted for payment. Work orders, certified payrolls andinvoices not submitted in a timely manner will result in delay of payment. Certified Payrolls must besubmitted with each invoice in order to receive payment.43.15 QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERSAll Contractors must be licensed in the State of New York and insured as described herein. Proof ofLicensing and insurance are required to be submitted with this bid proposal. Lack of proof of both maydisqualify the bidder.

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Product Code: 93667

Agency Information

Issuing Agency: Riverhead Central School District (RCSD)

State: New York

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: Janette Velardi RCSD District Office, 700 Osborne Avenue, Riverhead, New York, 11901

Phone: 631-369-8565

Fax: 631-369-1088




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