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Impound Towing, Storage, and Auction Services

Bid Information

Bid Alert No: 00000543515

Bid Title: Impound Towing, Storage, and Auction Services

Agency Bid No. Title: FP640016

Received Date: 04/15/2016

Close Date: 05/02/2016

Purchase Type: Not Stated

Delivery Point: Wichita, Kansas

Delivery Date: Not Stated

Special Notices: Pre-Bid Conference 04/21/2016 02:00 PM


Specifications include, but are not limited to: The proposer should be able to provide a 24/7 full customer service program to WPD that is ableof providing towing services, storage, ability to collect payments from owners during businesshours that are willing to pick up and pay for the towing and storage fees for their vehicles and/orsell off vehicles (property) that have been deemed as unclaimed property, with all the legal propernotifications handled by WPD. Towing firms should have the capability to provide customerservice to citizens that come to the tow firm facility to pay the established fees and pick up theirvehicles and property. WPD will notify the tow firm of when the unclaimed property can be soldat a public auction. Purchasers of any such property shall pay for items of invoiced propertypurchased at a public auction by certified check, electronic funds transfer, cash, or credit card. Inproviding these services, the proposer agrees to fully comply with the terms, conditions, andrepresentations of its program.The proposer should be able to adhere to the Citys Tow Ordinance.1. Proposer should be able to provide or contract with an auction service that has the necessarycomputer hardware and software, as well as provide related support services required forconducting and management of an on-line website auctioning services or contracting with a third 5party including:Training in the use of the proposed systemCustomer SupportMaintain a web site accessibility rate of at least 98%PCI compliant in safeguarding the websiteThe proposer should be able to document the ability for the auction service to incorporate digitalphotography into the advertisements for individual vehicles and misc. items that are put up for saleon the auction site, maintenance of complete and accurate records of the bidding for each of theauction items, chronology of the bidding for each of the auction items and the awarded price.The recommended auction services should document the development, installation andmaintenance of an adequate information systems on its website(s) to guide prospective proposersthrough the entire website, bidding, award of bid, payment, delivery and general informationrequirements of prospective proposers as well as a customer service functions for the benefit ofproposers. Proposers should be able to document its capability to include information modules onits website for WPD staff to track status of vehicles and misc. items listed for auction sales anddemonstrate the demographics of registered bidders on their auction website with at least aminimum of 100,000 registered bidders.If the WPD discovers any objectionable material on Web pages utilized by the proposer to sellWPD property, the WPD reserves the right to demand the removal of such objectionable material.If such objectionable material is not removed immediately, then the WPD reserves the right todiscontinue Internet auctions of its invoiced property.The successful proposer should be able to maintain and manage the online auction services toinclude:a. The proposer should be able to provide advertising for auctions at the proposers expense.b. The proposer should be able to have or develop a website that meets or exceeds currentindustry practice standards with regard to user security.c. The proposer should be able to commit to ongoing efforts in attracting in state, nationaland international proposers to its online auction to maximize sales price.d. To auction cars at least weekly to minimize any storage charges and maximize the revenueto the city.e. Provide an electronic database that tracks all vehicle transaction history from pick-up tofinal disposition.f. Provide the WPD daily access to this electronic database and the subsequent reports andinventory status of every vehicle.g. The proposer should be able to complete title affidavits and bill of sales for vehicles soldat auction.h. Auction format similar to established current on-line auctions (i.e., E-bay) with familiarprompts and navigation for easy access to auction items.i. Pre-qualify and register all proposers so that bid manipulation is eliminated andprovide fraud detection and prevention features.j. Provide dedicated Customer Service representative.62. Proposers should be able to provide a list of other agencies, preferably governmental, which theproposer has currently and previously done business. Provide documentation of any viableexperience or plans to develop in the operation of online auctioning services or proposed subcontractingventures. Such experience shall include posting on proposers web site(s), operationof an online bidding system permitting continuous, 24 hour, real-time bidding and validation ofbids and documentation of high proposer and collections along with supporting documentation forthe City of Wichita audit process.3. WPD reserves the right to have any vehicle returned to the possession of vehicle back to WPD,or its rightful owner, prior to auction even if the item has already been collected by proposer.4. WPD shall conduct regular and unannounced random inspections of any and all facilities 24hours a day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year. The proposer will allow the WPD tomonitor all administrative functions associated with WPD vehicles taken into their custody.The successful firm will be required to furnish the following reports to the WPD or whenrequested by WPD:A detailed client list and shipping list.Monthly reports of all of the WPD items of invoiced vehicle property that has been sold byproposer and the prices at which any such items were sold. This report shall include shipping andhandling fees as well as sales taxes and credit card fees on each item.Quarterly (un-audited) and annual (audited) financial Statements.Monthly reports of all of the WPDs invoiced property on hand.Monthly statements of returns of the invoiced property of the WPD that have been purchased atauction and the complaints of any purchasers.Record Retention/ Audits: The successful proposer shall retain, during the performance of thecontract and for a period of three years from the completion of the contract, all records pertaining tothe successful proposers proposal and any contract awarded pursuant to this Request for Proposal.Such records shall include but not be limited to all paid vouchers including those for out-of-pocketexpenses; other reimbursement supported by invoices, including proposer copies of periodicestimates for partial payment; ledgers, cancelled checks; deposit slips; bank statements; journals;contract amendments and change orders; insurance documents; payroll documents; timesheets;memoranda; and correspondence. Such records shall be available to the City on demand andwithout advance notice during the successful proposers normal working hours.City personnel may perform in-progress and post-audits of proposers records as a result of a contractawarded pursuant to this Request for Proposals. Files would be available on demand and withoutnotice during normal working hours.5. The successful proposer should be able to maintain and manage the listed servicesthat are listed below to include:1. The proposer should be able of responding to a police dispatched calls within 45 min. of thetime the call is received.2. The proposer should be able to have a fleet of tow trucks with other tow companies to be ableto meet the daily needs of WPD. 73. Proposer should be able to be responsible for removing all debris from any police accidentscene.4. Proposer should be able to have all tow trucks marked appropriately with the company name.5. Proposer employees will wear appropriate clothing that shows the name of their company.6. City of Wichita has the right to suspend any contractor if two or more documented complaintsare received, researched and proven.7. The local facility should be located within City of Wichita and be of sufficient size and havethe ability to store in excess of 1,500 vehicles at any given time and the ability to grow the facilityif additional space is needed.8. The proposer should be able to show experience in dealing with the public in returning vehiclesthat were towed insuring that systems are in place to make sure that releases are controlled byWPD.9. Proposer should be able of inspecting tow trucks to meet city requirements set forth in thecontract.10. The successful proposer will be required to furnish certificate of insurance as required byinsurance specification of the contract prior to the contract being issued and provide proof to cityyearly or on demand.11. Proposers should be able to provide towing forms that provides information of each tow that isgiven to the public and report this information electronically to WPD on a daily basis.12. Proposer should be able to be registered with the KCC (Kansas Corporation Commission).13. Proposer should be able to be up to date with all state and local taxes.14. The proposer should be able to agree to crush vehicles that a VIN (Vehicle IdentificationNumber) cannot be generated by the State of Kansas at their expense.15. The proposer should be able to maintain an office adjacent to its storage facility to enablelegal owners of vehicles to retrieve their vehicles. This office will be open to the public dailyfrom 7AM to 7PM so that owners may retrieve their vehicles.17. The proposer should be able to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days peryear, to respond to calls for service.18. The proposer should be able to tow/store heavy-duty equipment/trucks.19. The proposer should be able to tow multiple vehicles from a single location at one time.20. The WPD will issue a notice to the Proposer that will then allow it to auction each vehicle. Onlyvehicles with this WPD notice will be able to be auctioned.21. Upon notification from the WPD that a vehicle is to be picked up, the Proposer will record:a) The time the request was received.b) The time a tow unit is assigned.c) The location of tow request.d) The time the tow unit is on scene.e) The time vehicle arrives at storage facility.f) The total mileage of tow.22. Nothing is this agreement shall give the proposer the right for any purpose to have, use or displayany logo, shield, numbers, insignia or emblems which in any way even resemble those used by theWPD.23. Proposer should be able to remove the license plate from vehicle schedule for sale and keep in acentralized locations for WPD staff to recover.6. Claims8The proposer shall not search the interior of each vehicle upon its entrance to the storage facility.Any property/contraband found in a vehicle shall not be disturbed and the auto will be secured.Contraband is defined as any property that is not legal to possess or that can be used forevidentiary purposes. When in doubt, the proposer will be responsible for notifying the WPD. Thediscovery of contraband will be immediately reported to the WPD.The proposer will digitally photograph all vehicles prior to hooking up the vehicle and when theyenter and leave the facility. A minimum of nine (9) photos per vehicle shall be taken and emailedto WPD, Property & Evidence section. Photos shall be taken of at a minimum the front of vehicle,right side of vehicle, left side of vehicle, rear of vehicle, VIN numbers/s if applicable, vehiclekeys, contents of front seat, contents of back seat, contents of trunk unless inaccessible, odometerreading if available and interior (mainly the dash area to capture stereo equipment) and one photoincluding VIN numbers such photos will be stored by Wrecker Contractor for sixty (60) days oruntil vehicle is released and available for WPD, Property & Evidence staff to view and printpictures.The proposer agrees to hold the City of Wichita and/or the WPD harmless of any and all theft orproperty damage of vehicles in the proposer's storage lot.The proposer agrees to absorb all costs assessed against the City of Wichita and/ or WPD relatedto the theft of or from vehicles from the proposer's storage lot and/or property damage associatedwith vehicles as a result towing, storing, and releasing vehicles.Upon possession by the proposer of the vehicles contemplated under this agreement, theDepartment will no longer bear any risk of loss of or damage to the items. Moreover, the proposershall indemnify the City, the Department and their respective successors, assigns, officers,directors, employees, shareholders and agents, and their heirs, distributees, executors oradministrators against any claims made by the purchaser of vehicles sold at auction pursuant to theterms of this agreement. Should a vehicle be sold pursuant to the terms of this agreement need tobe returned by the purchaser of the item, the WPD will only be responsible for returning theportion of the sales price that was remitted to it by proposer under the terms of this contract.7. Personnela. The proposer's employees will act courteously, respectfully, and responsibly toward eachrightful owner or agent of each vehicle towed, stored, and released.b. The proposer's employees will cooperate with all WPD personnel in any matters related to thestorage of vehicles when requested to do so.c. The proposer is responsible to retain all vehicle keys that are received at the time of the initialtowing of the vehicle. Information pertaining to the existence of the keys should be provided to theauction service. Contracts will be cancelled within thirty (30) of Towing Firms that are notcomplying with this requirement.d. The proposer's employees will ensure that no part or property is removed from any vehicle that istowed or stored by the proposer. If any contraband is found by the proposer and its employees, or thesub proposer and its employees, the proposer must notify the WPD immediately. The WPD reservesthe right to conduct a legal search of any and all vehicles stored by the proposer.8. SecurityPerimeter Fencinga. Each storage lot perimeter will be enclosed by a security fence or wall and will be kept free of 9weeds, rubbish, or other material able of offering concealment or assistance to an intruderattempting to breach the barrier.b. The perimeter fence will completely enclose the area where WPD-invoiced vehicles are secured.Lightinga. The area and structure within the property's general boundaries will be well lit.b. The lighting around the perimeter of a location should be uniform.c. Light fixtures will be maintained, re-lamped, and cleaned when necessary.d. Security camera will be required to record the entire area where WPD police initiated towsare stored 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Security tapes will be kept for 30 days.9. TaxesThe proposer shall pay all City, city, state and federal taxes required by law enacted at the timeproposals are received and resulting from the work or traceable thereto, under whatever namelevied. Said taxes shall not be in addition to the contract price between the City and the proposer,as the taxes shall be an obligation of the proposer and not of the City, and the City shall be heldharmless for same by the proposer.The City of Wichita is exempt from the payment of federal excise taxes and the payment of StateSales and Use Tax on all tangible, personal property for its use or consumption. Tax exemptioncertificates will be furnished upon request.10. All surplus items are sold "As is - No Warranty - Where is" and must be removed from thepremises within the time and dates identified in the auction listing. All sales final, no refunds, noreturns and no exchanges.

Product Codes: 96209, 96890

Agency Information

Issuing Agency: City of Wichita

State: Kansas

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: Melinda A. Walker 455 N. Main, 1st Floor, Wichita, Kansas, 67202

Phone: 316-268-4636




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