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Grounds Maintenance Services, Chesterfield County Schools

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Bid Alert No: 00000539915

Bid Title: Grounds Maintenance Services, Chesterfield County Schools

Agency Bid No. Title: 16-1444

Received Date: 04/11/2016

Close Date: 04/25/2016

Purchase Type: completion by October 31, 2017

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Delivery Date: Not Stated


Specifications include, but are not limited to:The purpose of this Invitation for Bid (IFB) is to establish a requirements contract with firm pricing for Grounds Maintenance Services for Chesterfield County Public Schools (herein referred to as the County). General1. The work to be performed under this contract will include general cleaning prior to mowing,trimming, removal of clippings from sidewalks and heavy accumulations on turf and relatedservices.2. The Contractor shall be required to visit each site prior to the beginning of each mowingseason (after March 1 and before April 1), and report to the County representative anyadverse conditions, changes to the site, etc. County staff will periodically visit the sites andreport to the Contractor any discrepancies associated with the Scope of Work of thecontract.3. Service area maps for each location are included in ATTACHMENT B. Areas to be mowedare indicated in a light green color (excluding courtyards), or outlined in red.B. Mowing1. Mowing Season:a. General mowing shall occur between April 1 and October 31 each year (approximately31 weeks). Mowing outside of these dates may be required on an as needed basis.b. Weather conditions shall be considered by the Contractor to ensure that work isperformed on schedule.2. Trash and Debris:a. General Clean Up Prior to each mowing operation, the Contractor shall remove anddispose of trash and debris from all areas to be mowed, including adjacent areas,sidewalks, steps, parking areas and curbsides. Some items may require relocation tofacilitate mowing operations, and shall be returned to their original location once mowingoperation is completed. The extent of the area to be maintained shall be outlined foreach site. Items to be removed and disposed of include, but are not limited to, bottles,cans, paper, plastic, rocks, broken glass, hardware, brush, limbs, etc. Large orenvironmentally sensitive items such as tires, unidentifiable containers, auto parts, etc.,shall be immediately reported to the County representative, for removal by the County.b. Debris Brush under 10 cubic feet per pile and items up to eight feet in length, shall beremoved and disposed of by the Contractor. All debris in excess of the aforementioned Page 4 of 24parameters will be removed and disposed of by the County. The Contractor shall notifythe County representative on the same day such debris is discovered.c. Dumped Debris The Contractor shall notify the County representative of all itemsfound to be dumped on site, such as construction debris, furniture, appliances, etc. onthe same day such dumped debris is discovered. The County will be responsible forremoval.d. Mowed Clippings Mowed clippings shall not be removed by the Contractor unlessthere is a heavy accumulation or clumping of grass clippings as a result of mowing.Removal of heavy accumulation or clumping grass clippings shall be removed from thesite by the Contractor. At the end of each service, grass clippings shall be cleared fromsidewalks, pathways, steps, parking areas, etc. in a manner that does not result in heavyaccumulation to adjacent turf areas.e. Mowing Frequency/Heights Mowing shall occur every 14 calendar days at a height of2 to 2 for warm season turf and 2 to 3 for cool season turf. Sites shall be cutusing commercial quality rotary riding or walk behind mowing equipment. Mower bladesshall be kept sharpened to minimize tearing of grass blades.C. Trimming: Trimming shall be performed around all trees, fences, signs, posts and poles,borders, sidewalk edges and along curbs. Trimming may be accomplished by use of stringtrimmers, ensuring that no damage occurs to trees, fences, signs, posts and poles, borders andalong curbs. Trimming shall be performed at the same frequency as mowing.D. Miscellaneous Services1. Miscellaneous services shall be performed on an as needed basis, only upon request bythe County.2. When requested, miscellaneous services shall include, but not be limited to, pruning andmulching (flower beds, trees, etc.). The County will provide all mulch.3. Ornamental Trees/Shrubs: When requested, the Contractor shall prune, shape and removesucker growth and damaged limbs by using clean, sharp equipment. Pruning shall beperformed by selective removal of limbs and not by topping. Hedges may be pruned byshearing.4. When miscellaneous services are requested, the Contractor shall visit the proposed site withthe County representative and provide an estimate to complete the work.5. An hourly rate for these services shall be provided on the Bid Form. The hourly rate shallinclude all labor, materials, equipment, travel, supervision, etc.E. Hours of Operation1. School Sites:a. Services shall be rendered Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m., andSunday, 1:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m.b. Schedules may need to be altered while school is in session.c. The Contractors employees shall report to the school office of every school site prior to Page 5 of 24commencing work each day while school is in session.F. Schedules1. The Contractor shall provide a service schedule to the County representative on a monthlybasis. Schedules for the upcoming month are due 10 calendar days prior to the first of eachmonth.2. Changes to the original monthly schedule may be phoned or faxed to the Countysrepresentative. Changes shall be reported prior to the change effective date and approvedby the County.3. The Contractor shall provide weekly reports of all sites where services have been rendered,to include date, times and services performed. These reports are due every Wednesday viafax, email or drop off to the County representative.G. Equipment List: At the beginning of each mowing season, the Contractor shall provide to theCounty representative a list of all equipment to be used for services under the contract. The listshall include equipment type, size, model, manufacturer and inventory of each. All equipmentshall comply with all applicable safety standards. The County will have final approval ofproposed equipment.H. Additional Contractor Requirements1. Any encounter with dangerous conditions or unusual situations shall be reported to theCounty representative on the day of discovery.2. The Contractor shall report the discovery of any animal carcasses to the Countyrepresentative on the day of discovery. The County will be responsible for removal.3. Trees:a. The Contractor shall be responsible for reporting any fallen, leaning or potentiallydangerous trees or large limbs that affect the Contractors ability to provide contractservices. Such conditions shall be reported to the Countys representative within 24hours of discovery. The County will be responsible for removal of trees or large limbs.Discovery of smaller limbs shall be considered as debris as defined on page 4, ItemB.2.b.b. Any low or hanging tree limbs that affect the Contractors ability to provide contractservices shall be reported to the Countys representative within 24 hours. TheContractor and the County shall meet on-site to determine corrective action to be taken.The County will be responsible for trimming any trees that are deemed necessary toallow services to be performed by the Contractor.I. Special Service Mowing: The County may require mowing for special events at sites notspecified under this contract. This mowing may include all, or a portion of, a specified location,and may include more than one location within a seven day period. The County will provide 30days advance notice to the Contractor for these services. Pricing shall be provided on a peracre basis as indicated in the Pricing Schedule.

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Product Codes: 98889, 98836, 98852, 98888

Agency Information

Issuing Agency: Baltimore City Public Schools

State: Maryland

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: 9901 Lori Road, Lane B. Ramsey Building, 3rd Floor, Room 303, Chesterfield, Virginia, 23832



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