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Bid Alert No: 00000534412

Bid Title: Demolition Services & Site Restoration Services

Agency Bid No. Title: 04-CCLBA-2016

Received Date: 04/05/2016

Close Date: 04/26/2016

Purchase Type: Not Stated

Delivery Point: Calhoun County, Michigan

Delivery Date: Not Stated

Special Notices: Questions Due By 04/15/2016 05:00 PM, Pre-Bid Conference Mandatory 04/13/2016 09:00 AM, Performance Bond Required: 100%, Payment Bond Required: 100%


The CCLBA seeks sealed proposals from Respondents to provide demolition, recycling, proper waste disposal, site protection, and site restoration in total compliance with all federal, state and local regulations, for the old county jail located on the Calhoun County campus at 315 W Green Street. The entire jail, attached garages, and the structural walkway that connects the jail to the County Office Building will need to be removed. In addition, the wall of the County building will need to be repaired and the facade will need to be restored by utilizing reclaimed limestone from the jail structure. Also, all footings and foundations are to be removed pursuant to local municipal requirements, site backfilled with clean (non-hazardous) fill material (sand, dirt), compacted and graded. Contractors will provide a plan for the recycling of demolished materials when possible. Utility disconnects (electricity and gas) will be arranged for and paid for by the CCLBA. CCLBA will order water and sewer capping, when applicable, all costs associated with the cut and cap activity will be the responsibility of the Contractor and the Contractor will be responsible for coordinating with the local permitting department/agency for final clearance. Environmental assessment and abatement of asbestos and other hazardous materials will be the responsibility of the CCLBA. Once abatement and utility disconnects are complete, the CCLBA will provide a Notice to Commence to the successful respondent prior to the start of demolition activities. Please note, the lead detected in the structural walkway connecting the old jail to the County Office Building will not be abated. OTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO BID WORK: 1.Michigan State Law (MCL 129.201) requires a performance bond on projects where the overall costs exceeds $50,000; therefore, a bid bond in the amount of 5% of the Contractor s overall bid price is required from each bidder under the submittal requirements of this RFP. A bid bond is usually a two page document from your bond company that includes the bond on page one, and a Power of Attorney authorization on page two from an insurance company; there should be no charge for this document. If a contract is awarded to a Contractor in an amount that equals or exceeds $50,000, the Contractor shall supply both of the following: a. A performance bond for 100% of the contract price; this shall be supplied once the contract has been verbally accepted. (A performance bond is one executed in connection with a contract to secure fulfillment of Contractors obligations under such contract.) b. A payment bond, in conjunction with the performance bond, on the part of the Contractor for 100% of the contract price; this shall be supplied once the contract has been verbally accepted. ( A payment bond is one executed in connection with a contract to assure payment as required by law of all persons supplying labor and material in the execution of the work provided for in the current contract. ) 2. All structures and accessory buildings will be demolished on the premises, unless otherwise stated in this RFP or unless approval is given by the CCLBA. Specific instructions regarding the removal of asphalt or concrete will be given at the mandatory pre-bid meeting. Garbage, tree debris, and other types of debris must also be removed as part of the demolition.RFP# 04-CCLBA-2016 6 | P a g e Demolition Services 4/1/2016 3.Demolition and disposal of debris shall commence within 15 days from the Notice to Commence, unless other arrangements are made. Within 5 calendar days after Notice to Commence Contractor shall submit a demolition schedule for the CCLBAs review. 4.The CCLBA assumes no responsibility for the condition of existing buildings and structures and other property on site, or for their continuance in the condition existing at the time of Notice to Commence. NO adjustment of contract price or allowance for any change in conditions will be made after the award of bid unless approved by the CCLBA. 5.Contractor shall use all means necessary to control dust on and near the work site and associated off-site areas if dust is caused by Contractors work or as a result from the condition in which Contractor leaves the site. a.All surfaces shall be thoroughly moistened as required to prevent dust from being a nuisance and to minimize the spread of lead-containing dust to the public and adjacent properties. b.All dry mortar, lime, brick dust, plaster, and other flying material shall before and during removal be dampened sufficiently to prevent it from floating or being blown into the street or on any adjoining property; all sidewalks shall be protected by fences and scaffolds as required by state and local codes or regulations. 6.Once demolition is started, it shall be continued until completed. If a scheduling conflict occurs, other arrangements shall be made and must be approved by the CCLBA. 7.A demolition permit shall be procured from the appropriate jurisdictions p e r m i t d e p a r t m e n t / a g e n c y , a t t h e C o n t r a c t o r s c o s t , before commencing with demolition. a. Contractor shall secure from appropriate agencies ALL REQUIRED PERMITS necessary for proper demolition prior to starting work; in some cases a soil erosion permit may be required. 8. If buildings to be demolished are surrounded by a number of trees, shrubs, or bushes, and if during demolition a sufficient number of limbs are broken or hanging to present a safety hazard, the CCLBA will order the removal of such trees at the Contractors cost. Additionally, Contractors shall remove all miscellaneous brush, wood, and tree debris left after demolition activities. 9. C o n t r a c t o r s o p e r a t i o ns will be confined to site of the old jail, the surrounding parking lot can be used for staging as necessary and as arranged with the CCLBA. 10. Contractor will be responsible for all damage to private or public property as a result of their fault or negligence in connection with the demolition. If damage occurs, Contractor must contact the CCLBA immediately and submit a summary report of the incident within 5 business days. 11. Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and ordinances governing the disposal of materials, debris, rubbish and trash off the project area, and shall commit no trespass on any private property in the disposal. All materials, debris, rubbish, and trash will be disposed of at a licensed landfill. NO EXECPTIONS. 12. All demolition activities will be conducted in compliance with NESHAP standards. All a c t i v i t i e s w i l l c o m p l y w i t h a l l c o d e s , s t a n d a r d s , r e g u l a t i o n s , a n d w o r k e r s s a f e t y r u l e s t h a t are administered by federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, and DOT), state agencies (MIOSHA, DNR- DNRE, and DCH), and any other local regulations. Note: Lead was detected in the structural walkway from the jail to the County Office Building; contractors must address the safe removal of said walkway this as part of the proposed demolition plan. 13. It is the responsibility of Contractor to determine the location of all buried utility service lines on or adjacent to the work area. Contractor shall be responsible for the final locationRFP# 04-CCLBA-2016 7 | P a g e Demolition Services 4/1/2016 and protection of all utility service lines and damage to any such utility service line resulting fromtheContractorsoperationsshallb e r e p a i r e d o r r e p l a c e d by Contractor at Contractors cost. It will also be the responsibility of the Contractor to exercise care to prevent damage to fences, sidewalks, roadways, and other improvements in or adjacent to the work area. 14. A waste log shall be maintained by Contractor and shall contain origin of material (address and date) and receiving facility for each load and the weight of each load. Contractor is to determine recycling or disposal methods to ensure that waste materials are recycled or disposed of properly. All waste materials are to be transported directly to a properly permitted facility. All waste receipts shall be submitted prior to payment. 15. Any other governmental agency with jurisdictional interest will have access to the property for observation and inspection. 16. Contractor agrees that all work awarded under this RFP shall be completed by July 22, 2016. If the Contractor fails to begin demolition activities within 20 days of the Notice to Commence, the CCLBA reserves the right to re-award the project to the next qualified bidder. 17. The Contractor shall conduct operations in a safe and orderly manner and in conformance with Michigan PA 154, per the Michigan Department of Labor and Energy Construction Safety Standards Commission as well as all applicable Marshall City ordinances. Safety practices shall include the following where applicable: a. Installation of barricades, warning signs, caution tape, etc. as precaution to and during wrecking operations shall be in compliance with the local jurisdictions; b. Any open hole in excess of 3 feet in depth shall be properly barricaded to prevent people or animals from falling in or sloped on all four sides so that people or animals could get out; and c. All personnel working on the site shall be properly trained as required and made thoroughly familiar with safety precautions, procedures, and equipment required for controlling the potential hazards associated with this work. All work associated with hazardous materials, e.g. lead or cadmium shall be performed at appropriate Personal Protection Levels as defined by MIOSHA. Lead shall be assumed as all structures were constructed prior to 1978, and proper individual air monitoring for on-site workers shall be required. d. Hours of operation and noise levels must adhere to all Marshall City ordinances; work hours must be limited to 7:00 am through 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Work will not be allowed on Sundays. 18. All fill dirt shall be Class 2 material and the following guidelines shall be followed for the site restoration process: a. Excavations from demolished buildings or structures shall not be filled with any material subject to deterioration. The CCLBA, the County, the City of Marshall, and/or their representatives or other representative for an applicable jurisdiction, upon notification by the contractor shall inspect each excavation prior to backfill and the compaction and grading. b. To prepare for fill, the Contractor shall remove vegetation, topsoil, debris, wet and unsatisfactory soil materials, obstructions, and deleterious materials from ground surface prior to placing fill on site. Break up soil surfaces steeper than 1 vertical to 4 horizontal slope so fill material will bond with existing surface. c. Place fill in layers to an elevation between 4 to 6 inches above adjacent undisturbed ground.RFP# 04-CCLBA-2016 8 | P a g e Demolition Services 4/1/2016 d.Uniformly moisten or aerate sub-grade and each subsequent fill or backfill layer before compaction to within 2% of optimum moisture content. e.Compaction shall be obtained by placing backfill or fill material in layers not more than 12 inches in loose depth; Contractor shall achieve compaction by reasonable means as determined by the Contractor. f.Grading lots shall be done by uniformly grading areas to a smooth surface, and the lot shall not be uneven. Smooth transitions shall be made between existing adjacent grades, and new grades, and Contractors shall avoid directing water onto adjacent property. The new grade shall match adjacent property lines. i.When settling occurs during the project correction period, Contractor shall remove finished surfacing, backfill with additional approved material, compact and reconstruct surfaces. 19.Payment for the cost of all work contained in the RFP will be made at the prices contained in the bid, and exceptions will be made. The following payment schedule shall be in place: a.50% of the project cost will be paid upon completion of the demolition of the old jail structure and preliminary positive inspection by the City of Marshall (typically called an open hole inspection); b.30% of the project cost will be paid upon the successful removal of the structural walkway and restoration of the County Office Building walls and faade along with a positive inspection by the City of Marshall; c.The final 20% will be paid upon the final site restoration and when the CCLBA receives notification of the final permit close out by the City of Marshall as well as all documentation requested in this bid package (e.g. State notices, waste receipts, etc No additional specifications were given.

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Product Codes: 91240, 91223, 96273

Agency Information

Issuing Agency: Calhoun County Land Bank Authority

State: Michigan

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: 315 W. Green Street, Marshall, Michigan, 49068



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