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Construction Manager at Risk Services for Eastside Clinic

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Bid Alert No: 00000534113

Bid Title: Construction Manager at Risk Services for Eastside Clinic

Agency Bid No. Title: 216-01-001

Received Date: 04/05/2016

Close Date: 04/20/2016

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Delivery Date: Not Stated

Special Notices: Questions Due By 04/04/2016 12:00 PM, Pre-Bid Conference 03/30/2016 02:00 PM


Specifications include, but are not limited to: SCOPE OF SERVICES FOR THE CM@RISK:The selected CM@Risk firm will provide Design Phase and Construction Phase services in aprocess envisioned as a collaboration with, Owner including its project manager(s),architects/engineers, consultants, beginning with integration and reconciliation of the CapitalBudget, Master Schedule, and the Functional Space Program / Design, into a balanced ProjectDefinition and continuing through the remainder of the design and construction process for theUniversity Health System Eastside Clinic, all in accordance with the following Scope ofServices:A. Design Phase ServicesIn implementation of the responsibilities and duties of the Construction Manager as setforth herein, the Construction Manager shall perform, in accordance with the ProjectSchedule, the following Design Phase Services. Construction Manager shall continue toperform the Design Phase Services as necessary and appropriate to perform the Work onthe Project during the Construction Phase, including the following:1. General Coordination of Design Phase Services.a. Participate as a member of the Project Team in the development of the ProjectFacility Program and validation of the F&SP if the Program and the F&SP havenot been developed prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement.b. Attend regular meetings with other members of the Project Team throughouteach phase of development of the Design for the Project to advise them onWorksite usage and Worksite improvements, selection of materials, buildingsystems and equipment, and methods of delivery of materials, systems, andequipment.c. Provide recommendations and information to the other members of the ProjectTeam on: construction feasibility; availability of materials and labor; timerequirements for installation and construction; assignment of responsibilities forsafety precautions and programs, temporary Project facilities; equipment,materials and services for common use of the Construction Manager andOwners Separate Contractors, if any; cost factors, including costs of alternativematerials or designs, preliminary budgets, and possible cost savings; methods ofverification for determining that the requirements and assignment of Company Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 11 of 43Revised 12/09/2015responsibilities are included in the proposed Contract Documents, and any othermatters necessary to accomplish the Project in accordance with the Schedule (asdefined below) and Project Construction Budget.d. At Owners or Project Managers request, attend public meetings andhearings concerning the development and schedule of the Project.e. Create and continuously update the decision tracking system in a formatacceptable to Owner.f. Attend and participate in Owners Partnering Program for all phases of theProject, if requested by Owner.g. Oversee construction of Mockups for confirmation of design and end-userapproval. The actual cost of the Mockups will be compensated as areimbursable cost.2. Design Phase Scheduling Services. Construction Manager shall provide the followingDesign Phase scheduling Services in compliance with the Contract Documents:a. Develop a Design Phase Schedule in critical path format and provide regularmonitoring, updating, and reissuing of the Design Phase Schedule as the DesignPhase progresses, consistent with the Project Master Schedule. In addition, theConstruction Manager shall identify potential and actual variances betweenscheduled and probable dates for completion of Design Phase activities, andreview the Construction Schedules and Project Master Schedule for Work notstarted or incomplete and recommend to the Owner adjustments therein so theschedules conform to the required completion dates and provide summaryreports to Owner of each update to the Design Phase Schedule and document allchanges in the Design Phase Schedule.b. Develop the Construction Schedule in critical path format for Ownersapproval, which coordinates and integrates the Design Phase with theConstruction Phase. Include integration of the Construction Phase with thedevelopment of Construction Documents, and with the activities of Owner andOwners Separate Contractors, to achieve Substantial Completion and FinalCompletion of the Project in accordance with the Project Master Schedule. TheConstruction Schedule shall be promptly revised by the Construction Managerin accordance with the recommendations of Owner, Program Manager, ProjectManager and Architect/Engineer, and re-submitted for their approval.3. Budget and Cost Consultation During the Design Phase.a. Furnish to Owner, its Program Manager and Project Manager a ControlEstimate including all Project labor, materials and expenses, in such form as isreasonably necessary to serve as a basis for managing the cost of the projectduring the design and construction phases to ensure compliance with the ProjectBudget. Provide updates for each individual project at the end of the ProjectCompany Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 12 of 43Revised 12/09/2015Definition Phase, Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase, and atthe Fifty percent (50%) and Ninety percent (90%) completion stage for eachDesign Package. The estimates at the Schematic Design, Design Developmentand Construction Documents Phases shall be detailed estimates derived fromquantity surveys. Such quantity surveys shall be based upon the actual drawingsprovided by the Architect/Engineer or conceptualizations of elements for whichdetailed drawings have yet to be developed. Unit prices are to include abreakdown for labor, materials, and Subcontractor overhead and profit, andshall be formatted in a building component format approved by the Owner, andin Construction Specifications Institute Division 1-49 format for, each portionof the Work, in such format to be approved by Owner, Program Manager andProject Manager.b. Provide throughout the duration of the Project and the performance of theWork, a system of cost control for the Work including regular monitoring ofactual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks andproposed changes. It is the desire of the Owner to become aware of any likelybudget overruns as soon as possible, and by this Agreement it is employing theConstruction Manager to perform design monitoring, estimating, ValueAnalysis and other functions to help the Owner meet the Project budget. TheConstruction Managers cost reporting system shall identify during the DesignPhase any areas for concern that may arise including identification of variancesbetween budgets (Control Estimate) and estimated costs for each buildingcomponent element at each phase of design and to identify the cost impact ofany changes in cost assumptions that Construction Manager may become awareof during the actual development of the design. At any time that ConstructionManager develops concerns about the integrity of the budget for the Project,Construction Manager shall promptly advise the Owner of the concerns througha "variance report." The variance report shall, at a minimum, state: (i)Construction Manager's concern; (ii) the apparent cause of the concern, delay,or budgetary issue; (iii) in the event of a concern about a delay, specificallydemonstrate the negative impact of the delay to the critical path for theConstruction Schedule and any overall Project Master Schedule; (iv) define anycost impacts to the Project; and (v) provide Construction Manager's proposedresolution to the concern. If any estimate submitted to Owner exceedspreviously approved estimates or Owner's budget, the Construction Managershall make appropriate recommendations to Owner.4. Value Analysis. Construction Manager will provide Value Analysis studies onconstruction systems and major construction components as they are developed,including but not limited to the mechanical systems, exterior envelopes, structuralsystems, roofing systems, lighting and power services (for any portion of the Project).Additionally, Construction Manager shall update the variance report with actual andprojected costs for the Project, and in the event the projected Cost of the Work relatingto one or more Design Packages will exceed the applicable cost elements in the ControlEstimate, develop and implement reasonable strategies to be approved by the Owner toreduce costs to stay within the Construction Cost Limitation, as may be amended by theOwner. The Value Analysis will be summarized in a detailed report at regular intervalsand distributed to the Owner, Program Manager, Project Manager, and Company Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 13 of 43Revised 12/09/2015Architect/Engineer. The Architect/Engineer, Project Manager and ConstructionManager will conduct a series of Value Analysis workshops both during the designphase of the Project and after the Construction Documents are issued to develop costsaving recommendations for the Project. Construction Manager will prepare formalValue Analysis reports, including variance reports, following these workshops anddistributed them to the Owner, Program Manager, Project Manager and theArchitect/Engineer. Whenever the terms value engineering or Value Analysis areused in conjunction with this Agreement or the Project, such terms shall have theircommonly accepted meanings according to the Society of American Value Engineers(SAVE), and shall not imply the unlicensed practice of architecture or professionalengineering. Construction Manager is not required, in connection with Value Analysis,to render services that would constitute the professional practice of architecture orengineering, and any Value Analysis activities of Construction Manager shall bereviewed and approved by an architect or engineer licensed in Texas for or on behalf ofOwner.5. Design Assist Contributions. (The need to engage sub-contractors to provide DesignAssist services will be determined as a collaborative effort between the CM@R andOwner after selection of the CM@R. In the case that it is determined that DesignAssist Services will be beneficial to the project the following description of saidservices will be the basis for engagement) Design Assist Contributions shall mean theresponsibility of Construction Manager and its critical Subcontractors, and all membersof the Project Team, to assist each other for the Owners benefit to: (i) analyze andenhance alternative and innovative design concepts for the design of the Project, (ii)develop the details of design in collaboration with the Project Team during the designprocess, (iii) make best practice Constructability Reviews to eliminate conflicts inConstruction Documents, and (iv) identify and evaluate elements of the Project thatmay affect initial and/or life cycle costs of the Project, all of which shall be done todeliver best value to the Owner. The purpose of Design Assist is to promote frequentand ongoing communication between the Construction Manager, theArchitect/Engineer and other members of the Project Team as appropriate to provideOwner best value in the Project and to avoid conflicts or problems in the ConstructionDocuments, and in the way the Project is to be coordinated and constructed, with theobjective of avoiding Contract Amendments or claims after the Construction Phasecommences. The Construction Manager is not required to assume any design liabilityas a result of its Design Assist Contributions, unless otherwise expressly agreed inwriting in a Contract Amendment.6. Constructability Reviews. Constructability reviews shall include:a. Reviewing all drawings, plans, specifications, and other ConstructionDocuments during the Project Definition Phase, Schematic Design Phase,Design Development Phase, and Construction Documents Phase, and advisingOwner on Worksite use, foundations, systems, materials, equipment,construction feasibility, availability of labor and materials, procurement timerequirements, installation and construction, relative costs.b. Assistance in the development of any special conditions necessary to theobtaining of bids and contracting for the performance of the Work inaccordance with the Construction Documents, which shall be approved inwriting by the Owner at Owners sole option and discretion.Company Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 14 of 43Revised 12/09/2015c. At each design phase, review the Drawings and Project Manual as they arebeing prepared, advise Owner of any error, inconsistency or omissiondiscovered, and recommend alternative solutions whenever the design affectsconstruction feasibility, budget, risks, or schedules (without assuming theArchitect/Engineers professional responsibility).d. Prepare a Report assessing the constructability of the Project based on thecriteria outlined in this Section.e. Consult with Owner and Architect/Engineer to determine what materials,equipment, component systems, and construction types should be included inthe Contract Documents; suggest reasonable adjustments in the scope ofthe Project; and suggest alternate bids in the Construction Documents to adjustthe Construction cost to the Guaranteed Maximum Price (as defined herein).7. Construction Planning Duties. Construction Manager will develop and update aproject execution manual specific to the Project, which details the ConstructionManager's plans and procedures for accomplishing the Work. The ConstructionManagers project execution manual shall include, at a minimum, a full and completedescription of the Construction Managers approach to each of the following:a. Recommendations regarding the division of the Work into Design Packages andbid packages to include Project components and methods to be used forselection of Subcontractors and award of Subcontracts pursuant to Texas LocalGovernment Code 271.118; Construction Manager shall makerecommendations to Owner, Program Manager, Project Manager, andArchitect/Engineer regarding the competitive bidding criteria by which Ownerwill determine the best value selection of bidders.b. Procedures for preparation, updating and maintaining of the ConstructionSchedule, and a complete set of Record Documents.c. Procedures for preparation of detailed estimates of the Cost of the Work,organized by Design Packages/bid packages, and construction trade categories,including formatting of each type of estimate, each of which shall include a listof clarifications and exceptions (if applicable), Allowances (as stipulated by theOwner), and the proposed Date of Substantial Completion.d. Procedures for preparation of a proposed Schedule of Values and for processingof payments to Subcontractors.e. Procedures for preparation of Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposals andsecuring the Owners approval of same, including time frames for each step inthe procedure.f. Preparation of a Worksite management plan, including Worksite logistics,hoisting (including cranes, high-lift forklifts, and man/material lifts), materialdelivery, lay down and storage (including just in time delivery materialsmanagement system), off-site parking, personnel and materials trackingsystems, Worksite security, off-site pre- fabrication.g. Preparation of a Worksite safety plan and related procedures including drugtesting and the incorporation of Owners site-specific safety requirements.Company Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 15 of 43Revised 12/09/2015h. Identification of the types and quantities of construction field labor by traderequired for the Work and review of the appropriate categories of labor requiredfor critical phases or stages together with recommendations for actions tominimize adverse effects of labor shortages.i. Plan for acquisition of long-lead items.j. Procedures for coordination with Owners third-party testing laboratories,commissioning agents, and other related consultants.k. Requirements for all temporary facilities and equipment to be furnished byOwner, Construction Manager or its Subcontractors or Suppliers, as necessaryto enable the Construction Manager and Subcontractors to perform the Work,including provisions for Worksite facilities necessary to manage, inspect, andsupervise construction of the Work and opportunities for facilities and otherresources to be shared by the Construction Manager, Subcontractors, andSeparate Contractors.l. Plan of location and daily management of key management personnel with thekey personnel of Owner, Program Controls personnel, Architect/Engineer, andother consultants as directed by Owner, for continued collaboration andcooperation in constructing the Project.m. Construction Managers proposed Quality Control plan, including identificationof the Quality Control Supervisor, the details of the proposed Quality Controlplan and implementation of same; production and implementation of QualityControl reports; confirmation that any Quality Control plan complies withsimilar requirements set forth in Owners CIP manual; and methodology forincorporation of any Quality Control plan into all Subcontracts.n. Detailed permitting and inspection plans to obtain all required permitting and tofacilitate any and all governmental inspections required by Applicable Law.o. Warranty claim procedures for the prompt repair or replacement of defects inthe Work.8. Subcontract Bidding. Construction Manager shall:a. Make recommendations to Owner, Program Manager, Project Manager,and Architect/Engineer regarding division of Work in the Drawings andSpecifications to facilitate competitive bidding and award of Subcontracts,allowing for phased construction, as necessary, and assuring that allrequirements of the Work have been assigned to appropriate Subcontractors;b. Prepare bid packages with Program Managers and Project Managers approvalproperly describing the portions of the Work to be done by each specificSubcontractor, advertise in accordance with Construction ManagersCommunity Outreach Plan and issue the bid packages for receipt of bids,coordinate with Project Manager to determine representatives who shall attendbid openings with Owner and Construction Manager; andc. Provide Construction Managers recommendation of bidders to Owner forapproval of the Construction Managers award of Subcontracts on a best valuebasis.Company Name: ____________________________________________ RFP-216-01-001-SVC Page 16 of 43Revised 12/09/20159. Furniture Fixtures and Equipment. Construction Manager shall consult with andmake recommendations to Owner, Program Manager, Project Manager, andArchitect/Engineer on the acquisition schedule for fixtures, furniture and equipmentwithin the scope of the Work, and coordinate the Owners purchase and installation ofsuch items with the Owner as may be required to meet the Schedule

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