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Construction Management/Engineering/Inspection, Materials Sampling and Testing, and Surveying Services

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Bid Title: Construction Management/Engineering/Inspection, Materials Sampling and Testing, and Surveying Services

Agency Bid No. Title: 11A2466

Received Date: 04/19/2016

Close Date: 05/10/2016

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Delivery Point: Not Stated, California

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Specifications include, but are not limited to: Purpose of WorkThe Consultant shall perform professional and technical services required for ConstructionManagement/Engineering/Inspection, Materials Sampling and Testing, and SurveyingServices, on an as-needed basis to support the Department of Transportation (Caltrans)in the development and construction of proposed Caltrans transportation facilities. TheCaltrans Contract Manager shall assign specific work to the Consultant through theissuance of Task Orders describing in detail the services to be performed. The Consultantshall only perform work that is assigned in an authorized Task Order. This Contract doesnot guarantee that a Task Order shall be issued. The Consultant may provide services toCaltrans including, but not limited to, construction inspection; safety inspections,construction office engineering; industrial hygiene review; procedure development;monitoring and enforcing labor compliance; other construction engineering services;construction scheduling; concrete, aggregates, soils, cement, metals, masonry blocks, hotmix asphalt, asphalt binder, and Independent Assurance; equipment calibrations; MaterialsAnalysis & Evaluation; field sampling; materials testing; analysis; reports; plantinspection; sampling of fresh concrete, asphalt, aggregate, soil, and other related materials;Core sampling of cured concrete, pavement, and other related materials; Sampling ofstructural steel, rebar, and other related materials; Field testing of concrete slump, soilcompaction, and other related materials; Field testing of welds, bolted connections;Laboratory testing of various types of samples; Special materials analysis & evaluation;Provide materials information; work related to testing equipment calibration, andpreparation and maintenance of survey documents, including, but not limited to, compilingand maintaining survey field notes, maps, drawings, other survey documents.Caltrans is focused on finding new ways to perform land surveying that result in an increaseof employee safety, a decrease in product cost, and expedited project delivery. This mayinclude, but not be limited to, the implementation and maintenance of survey automationtools.Furthermore, Caltrans encourages the Consultant to suggest and help implement the use ofnew technologies and/or innovative management techniques. The specialty land surveyingservices shall include, but not be limited to, corridor and project control surveys, laserscanning, 3D/4D Modeling, Building Information Modeling, Lean Construction,subsurface utility engineering, Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS), GlobalNavigation Satellite System (GNSS) control and mapping surveys, and any new emergingsurveying technology or methodology as they come into use, as well as all of the associatedactivities. RFQ Number 11A2466Attachment 1Page 2 of 661. Exclusion of WorkAll Construction Management/Engineering/Inspection, Materials Sampling andTesting, and Surveying Services that are associated with structures are specificallyexcluded from the scope of this Contract , including, but not limited to, bridges andbuildings.This Contract also excludes any work on Toll Bridge projects or Toll BridgeRetrofit projects.This Contract is for Construction Management/Engineering/Inspection, MaterialsSampling and Testing, and Surveying Services only. This Contract does not coverConstruction Claims and Construction Claim Analysis or ConstructionEnvironmental Engineering Services.This Contract does not cover typical Right of Way Engineering activities such aspreparation and recordation of maps, Land Net Maps, Appraisal Maps, all activitiesrelated to Right of Way Monumentation, Condemnation, Deeds, and Record Maps.B. Location of WorkThe work shall be performed on specific projects to improve the State transportation systemin San Diego County (see Attachment 1A). The specific location of the work to beperformed shall be identified in each Task Order.C. Required Services1. Pursuant to an authorized Task Order, the Consultant shall provide ConstructionManagement/Engineering/Inspection, Materials Sampling and Testing, andSurveying Services, and all necessary personnel, material, transportation, lodging,instrumentation, and the specialized facilities and equipment necessary to satisfyall appropriate agencies and required to ensure compliance with all applicableLocal, State, and Federal statutes, laws, codes, regulations, policies, procedures,ordinances, standards, specifications, performance standards, and guidelines,applicable to the Consultant's services and work product. Provided in Attachment1 is a list of proposed Caltrans projects; however, this list is not exclusive and itdoes not constitute a commitment that the projects will be initiated or completed orwork assigned to the Consultant. Caltrans reserves the right to add or delete fromthis list projects that are within the geographical jurisdiction of this Contract setforth in Location of Work Section . Caltrans intends to utilize this Contract tocomplete a specific piece of work as long as it is located within Location of Work RFQ Number 11A2466Attachment 1Page 3 of 66in this Contract utilizing the services described in this Scope of Work as specifiedin this Contract, detailed in a Task Order. In the future, Caltrans may find itnecessary to create a separate contract (or contracts) that involves a specific projectlisted in this Contract and includes part of the work contained in this Contract.Caltrans reserves the right to procure Architectural and Engineering (A&E)services involving the listed projects or unlisted projects (within the samegeographical area) involving in whole or in part the same work using a projectspecificagreement if the schedule to complete performance of the specific projectextends beyond the term of this Agreement or the cost to complete the specificproject exceeds the dollar balance remaining in the Agreement after accounting foramounts due to the Consultant for work previously performed. Should a projectspecificagreement be procured under these provisions, the parties mutually agreethat, in accordance with Exhibit D, section III of this Agreement, Caltrans shallterminate for convenience the portion of the Agreement that includes the commonscope of work identified in the project-specific agreement per Exhibit D, section IIIof this Agreement. Such partial termination for convenience shall be processed byamendment to this Agreement. Unless otherwise required by law, regulation, orCaltrans policy or procedure, the Consultant may compete for these project-specificContracts.2. The proposed projects may vary in scope and size, and may encompass any type ofimprovement for the State transportation system including, but not limited to,roadway rehabilitation, widening and/or realignment of existing facilities,relocation of existing facilities, and construction of new facilities. The projectlocation, project limits, purpose, expected results, project deliverables, period ofperformance, project schedule, and scope of work to be performed shall bedescribed in each Task Order.3. Typical duties to be performed by the Consultants Construction Engineering,Surveying, and Inspection Services personnel shall include, but not be limited to,the following:a. Performing and assisting in performing the duties of a ConstructionInspector, including, but not limited to, construction inspection, quantitycalculations, checking grade and alignment, materials sampling and control,safeguarding, and assuring compliance with project plans andspecifications.b. Identifying actual and potential problems associated with the constructionproject and recommending sound engineering solutions.c. Maintaining an awareness of safety and health requirements and assuringcompliance with applicable regulations and construction contractprovisions for the protection of the public and construction projectpersonnel.d. Preparing calculations, records, reports, and correspondence related toconstruction project activities. RFQ Number 11A2466Attachment 1Page 4 of 66e. Assisting in the preparation of final As-Built plans at the completion ofconstruction.f. Performing construction materials sampling and testing, including plantinspection.g. Performing minor construction surveying activities (WBS 270.20.20)including, but not limited to, barrier rail layout, grades, incidental slopegrade check points and shoulder grades as covered under Caltrans SurveyManual, Chapter 12, Section 1-1 Responsibilities of Resident Engineer.h. Performing and assisting in all aspects of required office constructionengineering work including setting up and maintaining project files,processing required documents and progress payments, as necessary.i. Performing the Inspection and compliance monitoring of Storm WaterPollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)/Best Management Practices (BMP).j. Performing the Electrical and/or Landscape inspection and compliancemonitoring of projects.k. Performing, reviewing and analyzing Critical Path Method (CPM)schedules and Time Impact Analysis (TIA) submittals, preparingrecommendations and presentations to the Caltrans Construction personnelon CPM and TIA issues for specific projects. Generating, reviewing andanalyzing construction contractor's performance and reports with respect totime, resource and cost.l. Developing safety procedures.4. If any laboratory work is to be subcontracted, the Subconsultants laboratory shallmeet the same requirements as the Consultants laboratory.5. All field and laboratory testing is to be performed in accordance with CaliforniaTest Methods located at, byConsultants certified in the appropriate test methods. In addition, equivalentalternatives may be described in each projects Special Provisions and shall beprovided by Caltrans.6. Project SchedulingThe Consultant shall provide construction engineering support by reviewing projectbaselines and monthly progress schedules. The Consultant shall provide analysisof time impacts to the project schedule and provide recommendations. In addition,during the design phase, the Consultant shall review Designs constructiontimeline/CPM schedules and provide recommendations.7. The Consultant shall provide Quality Assurance (Q/A) inspection of welding,structural steel members, protective coating, reinforcing steel and precastprestressed concrete members to be incorporated into transportation structures. RFQ Number 11A2466Attachment 1Page 5 of 668. American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) services.Personnel providing these services shall meet the experience requirements ofSection 12 AWS D1.5-95 for Fracture Critical Member (FCM) fabrication.9. Metallurgical Engineering, Welding Engineering, and technical support servicesfor the testing and evaluation of structural materials. These services are to include,but not be limited to, field-testing, shop testing and evaluation of materials used inmajor transportation structures.10. Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Level II inspection services.11. Sampling and testing of materials for quality assurance.12. Performing plant inspections for quality assurance.13. Performing independent assurance sampling and testing.14. Performing source inspection.15. Preparing calculations, records, reports and correspondence related to projectactivities.16. Provide dimensional verifications and instrumentation services. These services areto include, but be not necessarily limited to, measuring movement of bridgeelements, providing instrumentation to measure stresses and strain in the bridgeelements and analyzing collected data and providing recommendations.17. Provide incidental engineering support services for construction contract changeorders and claims issues as required.18. Assist and advise Caltrans as technical experts during the claims process including,but not limited to, Dispute Review Board (DRB), District Board Review (DBR)and Arbitration process relating to, but not be limited to, welding, structural steelmembers fabrication, precast concrete members fabrication and painting.Consultant shall not be required to administer the DRB process.19. The Consultant shall perform services relating to field sampling and in situ testingof materials (collectively, "Materials Sampling and Testing Work") as required bythe Caltrans Contract Manager and specified in a Task Order. The Consultant shallperform services relating to laboratory testing, analysis, and reporting of materials(collectively, "Special Materials Analysis Work") as required by the CaltransContract Manager and as specified in a Task Order. RFQ Number 11A2466Attachment 1Page 6 of 6620. The Consultant shall inspect roadway material processing plants operation duringthe production of Asphalt Concrete, Portland Cement Concrete, and other relatedmaterials. The Consultant shall sample and test rock and sand according to theCalifornia Test Methods and Caltrans Construction Manual. The Consultant shallalso obtain samples of oil binders, cements and admixtures in accordance with therequirements of the Construction Manual. The Consultant shall visit quarries andmine pits to witness material source sampling, stockpiling and testing samples ofbinders, cement admixtures and other related materials.21. The Consultant shall maintain a set of project files that shall be indexed inaccordance with Caltrans' California Test Methods Manual.22. The Consultant shall prepare the required calculations and reports according toCaltrans standards and requirements for the Materials Sampling and TestingSupport Services work including the plant inspection services work.23. The Consultant shall have access to plant and mobile laboratories to performMaterials Sampling and Testing Support Services. The Consultant shall provide acopy of the firms nuclear gauge license to Caltrans.24. The Consultant shall have the ability to respond in a timely and cost efficientmanner to Caltrans requests for Materials Sampling and Testing Support Serviceswork at any project locations.25. Materials testing during construction of State highway facilities may include, butnot be limited to, the following tests:

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Product Codes: 92549, 92532, 95826

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Issuing Agency: State of California - Department of Transportation

State: California

Agency Type: State and Local

Contact: Michelle Melton

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